Wi-Fi Alliance

Wi-Fi Alliance Opens Wi-Fi 6 Certification

Wireless Internet is about to get much faster after launch of the official Wi-Fi 6 certification for routers and other…

5 years ago

CES 2018: Wi-Fi Alliance Previews New Industry-Wide WPA3 Security Standard

In conjunction with CES 2018, the industry group behind the Wi-Fi certification label said it plans to introduce a stronger…

6 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has its origins in the telecom market, and arguably its popularity neutred the absolute power of telecom giants

7 years ago

WiGig Wi-Fi Promises 8Gbps Speeds And Less Congestion From 2017

WiGig devices are set to go mainstream next year, offering 'wired-grade' connectivity for VR, AR, cloud

7 years ago

New Tests Will Ensure Wi-Fi And 4G LTE-U Can ‘Share’ Unlicensed Spectrum

Mobile operators want unlicensed spectrum to boost 4G, but Wi-Fi relies on these airwaves. Wi-Fi Alliance hopes tests will allow…

8 years ago

Faster Wi-Fi Is On The Way With 802.11.ac ‘Wave 2’ Upgrades

MU-MIMO, more channels and more bandwidth will result in better speeds and capacity for businesses says Wi-Fi Alliance

8 years ago

Wi-Fi Alliance Makes Hotspot Roaming Easier With New Passpoint Features

Wi-Fi Alliance makes it easier and secure to connect to wireless networks with Passpoint certification programme

10 years ago

How Better Roaming Will Help Wi-Fi Succeed In Spite Of Itself

Wi-Fi is great, but it's not always as easy as it should be. Edgar Figueroa wants to fix that

11 years ago

Wi-Fi Alliance Begins 802.11ac Certification

The Wi-Fi Alliance has begun certifying wireless equipment with the forthcoming 802.11ac standard

11 years ago

GSMA Backs Mobile To Wi-Fi Roaming

Operators could make it easier for users to switch between 3G and Wi-Fi

12 years ago