Apple iPhone 13 Launch: Apple Watch Series 7

Brand new look for Apple Watch thanks to a 20 percent larger screen area, coupled with faster charging, new colours,…

4 months ago

Facebook Smartwatch To Include Detachable Cameras – Report

Privacy worry or novel device? Facebook's upcoming smartwatch will reportedly include two detachable cameras and a heart rate monitor

7 months ago

Cyclist Swept Into River Calls 999 From Apple Watch

Lucky escape. Man uses Apple Watch to alert emergency services, after he was swept off his bike in Herefordshire and…

12 months ago

Google Wins EU Approval For Fitbit Deal

Over a year since Google announced it was acquiring fitness device maker in a $2.1bn deal, EU gives its official…

1 year ago

Amazon Enters Wearables With Halo Band

Health market entry for e-commerce giant after it unveils the Amazon Halo Band, which can track a user's sleep and…

1 year ago

Google Closes Down North Smart Glasses

Weeks after Google purchased Canadian smart glass provider North, customers are warned their devices will stop working this week

1 year ago

Advocacy Groups Warn Against Google’s Fitbit Acquisition

Twenty advocacy groups from around the world warn that Google's acquisition of Fitbit risks damaging privacy and competition

2 years ago

Google Buys North Smart Glasses, Closes Down Product

Canadian smart glasses maker North acquired by Google, which then immediately kills the next version of its wearable device

2 years ago

Apple AR Glasses Set For 2023 Debut – Report

Rumour mill. Apple's augmented reality venture will reportedly deliver its long-rumoured AR glasses released sometime in 2023

2 years ago

AirPods Pro Given Zero Rating By Teardown Specialist iFixit

Like its predecessors, the latest generation AirPods are glued together, which earns the AirPods Pro a zero repairability rating

2 years ago

Is Google About To Acquire Fitbit?

Shares in Fitbit have been suspended amid reports that Google had made an offer to acquire the firm

2 years ago

Amazon Expands Echo Range, Adds Wearables, Alexa Personalisation

Surprise motherf****r! Alexa's voice can soon be replaced by the voice of actor Samuel L Jackson

2 years ago

Apple Touts Life Saving Watch Series 5

New Apple Watch comes with “always on” display and the ability to call emergency services around the world

2 years ago

National Theatre Trials Wearables & AR To Deliver Real-Time Performance Subtitles

National Theatre trials wearable and augmented reality technologies with Accenture to make the arts more accessible

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Pebble Smartwatch

The story of the smartwatch pioneer who used crowdfunding to bring its products to market, yet its success proved short-lived

4 years ago

The 8 Best Smartwatches For Business

Thinking about a smartwatch for business? Here are the best timepieces for your workday

5 years ago

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch Includes 4G

Go big or go home. Samsung gets bold with the new design of its Gear S3 smartwatch

5 years ago

Intel Recalls Basis Fitness Smartwatch Over Burn Fears

Its getting hot in here...Intel issues recall for Peak fitness watches after fears it could cause burns and blisters

5 years ago

How Did New Google Glass Appear In eBay Auction?

Mysterious eBay auction sees San Francisco pawn shop selling unreleased Google Glass device

6 years ago

RSA: Committing Online Fraud Is Just Too Easy

Daniel Cohen, head of FraudAction at RSA - a security division of EMC - explains how cybercriminals have upped their…

6 years ago

Computer Brain Control Helps Paraplegic Man Walk Again

A man paralysed in both legs has walked again after he used a computer to bypass his damaged spinal cord

6 years ago

How Technology Will Boost SME Productivity In 2016

Sage’s CTO, Klaus-Michael Vogelberg, examines the technology trends that will enable SMEs, the lifeblood of the global economy, to work…

6 years ago

BBC Micro Bit Delayed Over Power Supply Issue

BBC confirms rollout of Micro Bit computer for schools will be delayed because of power supply issue

6 years ago

Smartwatches Slammed For Poor Security

Most popular smartwatches on the market are riddled with security flaws, Trend Micro warns

6 years ago

Apple Watch Banned From Switzerland

Apple may not be able to sell its smartwatch in Switzerland this year due to a 30-year-old patent

7 years ago