Apple To Use Own iPhone 5G Modem Design In 2023 – Report

Bad news Qualcomm. Team up with TSMC will see Apple utilise its own 5G modems for future iPhones, according to…

2 weeks ago

TSMC Confirms Chip Plant For Japan

Taiwanese chip giant TSMC confirms it will build a chip factory in Japan, that will focus on the older chips…

2 months ago

TSMC, Sony Mull Joint Chip Factory With Japanese Gov Help – Report

TSMC and Sony reportedly consider building a chip factory together, with financial assistance from the Japanese government

2 months ago

Tech Giants, Car Makers Set For White House Meeting Over Chip Shortage

Big names within the tech and car industry are to virtually attend a White House meeting to discuss the ongoing…

2 months ago

EU Plans European Chips Act To Increase Production

European Commission announces plan to create a state-of-the-art European chip ecosystem, including semiconductor production

3 months ago

TSMC Warns Of Gas Contamination At Key Chip Factory

Key plant of TSMC that is supplying Apple with its processors, is hit with a contamination of gases used in…

4 months ago

TSMC: Too Early To Consider German Chip Factory

Hard to get...World's largest contract chip maker TSMC says reports of it eyeing chip factories in Germany is “too early…

4 months ago

TSMC Founder Warns Semiconductor Plans Could Fail

Plans by US, EU and others to bring semiconductor production into their own countries could result in a costly, unworkable…

5 months ago

TSMC Considers Construction Of Japanese Factory – Report

World's largest contract chipmaker is considering construction of a new factory in Japan to help tackle global chip shortage

5 months ago

TSMC Begins Construction Of 5nm Arizona Chip Factory

US chip factory update. CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. confirms construction has begun of new fab at Arizona site

6 months ago

US Presses TSMC For More Chips For Car Makers

Global silicon shortage continues, as US Commerce Department presses Taiwanese chipmakers to ease the supply pain for car makers

7 months ago

Chip Shortage Will Not End Soon, Forrester Warns

Analyst house Forrester warns global shortage of semiconductors is not going to end any time soon due to fabless chip…

7 months ago

Taiwan Dashes EU Hopes Of Advanced Chip Production In Europe

EU setback. Taiwanese government minister rejects EU plan, and points to TSMC decision to focus chip expansion in Taiwan, not…

7 months ago

EU Industry Chief To Meet With Intel, TSMC Execs Amidst Chip Crisis

EU industry commissioner Thierry Breton to meet with Intel chief Pat Gelsinger and top TSMC executive amidst pressure to increase…

7 months ago

Chip Shortage – Renault To Extend Idle Factories Until September

Three of Renault's four car factories in Spain will be partly idled until end of September, as silicon shortage continues…

8 months ago

TSMC Pledges $100 Billion Over Three Years, For ‘Advanced’ Chip Making

Mammoth investment over three years to bolster advanced chip making, in order to keep up with rising demand, amid the…

8 months ago

Intel Turnaround Plan To Invest $20 Billion In Chip Manufacturing

One month as Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger unveils $20 billion turnaround plan chip so giant can build two new chip…

9 months ago

White House Takes On Silicon Shortage, Identifies Choke Points

Biden administration is ramping efforts to help car makers deal with chronic silicon shortage that is impacting production

10 months ago

Volkswagen Blames Chip Makers For Silicon Shortage

German car maker VW blames poor planning by chip makers as the principle reason for most car brands having to…

10 months ago

Apple Partners TSMC For AR Display Screens – Report

Long rumoured augmented reality push by Apple, reportedly sees it partner TSMC to develop ultra-advanced display technology

10 months ago

Intel Chips Already Being Made By TSMC – Report

Manufacturing outsourcing move. Intel chips are already being manufactured by TSMC, amid inhouse issues for US firm

11 months ago

TSMC Seeds Arizona Subsidiary With $3.5 Billion

Trump plan to bring manufacturing back to US sees Taiwanese chipmaker provide $3.5 billion for promised $12 billion Arizona factory

1 year ago

Democrat Senators Demand Answers Over TSMC US Factory

Trump administration faces call from Democrat US senators to provide answers about undisclosed subsidies for TSMC factory in US

2 years ago

TSMC To Build $12 Billion Chip Factory In US

After talking with Trump, big name chip maker TSMC confirms plans to build a $12 billion semiconductor factory in Arizona,…

2 years ago

Trump Administration Talks With Chipmakers Over Building US Factories

Go local? Officials in Washington reportedly talk to two semiconductor companies about constructing chip factories in the United States

2 years ago

US Plots New Huawei Restrictions Amidst China Tension

New restrictions approved by top-level cabinet officials would put Huawei under more pressure, while also hobbling US semiconductor manufacturing companies

2 years ago

GlobalFoundries And TSMC Settle Patent Infringement Differences

Kiss and make up. Legal hostilities between GlobalFoundries and TSMC have been settled

2 years ago

TSMC Hits GlobalFoundries With Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Dust up between chipmakers turns into full scale brawl after TSMC files counter lawsuit against Globalfoundries

2 years ago

Huawei Denies Order Reduction Report

Chinese firm has again denied media reports that it is reducing orders to its manufacturing partners

3 years ago

Computer Virus Infects iPhone Chip Maker

Concern that chip production for next Apple iPhone may be impacted by virus infection at TSMC

3 years ago