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San Francisco Mayor Admits City Has To Adjust To Remote Working Reality

Mayor of San Francisco admits her city needs to adjust to new reality that many workers will not return to…

2 years ago

Hybrid Work. Hybrid Business

Hybrid work will become the norm as businesses look towards their post-pandemic futures. With these radical shifts in workforce organisation…

2 years ago

Facebook Delays Office Return Until January 2022

Latest tech firm to delay office return. Social networking giant tells US and other staff, to return to office in…

3 years ago

Google May Cut Salaries Of Home Workers

Google staff who opt to work from home on a permanent basis in the United States, may have their salaries…

3 years ago

Apple Delays Staff Office Return As Covid Cases Rise

Delayed return. Staff at Apple will not return to the office until at least October, as Covid cases in US…

3 years ago

Microsoft Launches ‘Cloud PC’ Service With Windows 365

True device independence? Microsoft users can now stream their Windows operating system onto an Apple Mac, tablet, or smartphone

3 years ago

Apple Staff Campaign Against Office Recall – Report

Internal letter by Apple staff reveal growing revolt after Tim Cook's memo tell staff to return to the office by…

3 years ago

Apple Seeks Staff Return To The Office

Remote working setback? CEO Tim Cook wants Apple staff to return to the office by September for at least three…

3 years ago

Google Outlines Remote Working For Staff Going Forward

Google backtracks on remote working restrictions, and offers staff more flexible options for working at the office or home

3 years ago

What’s Your Next Tech Job?

With the potential for mass redundancies across many businesses, what skills should you gain to land a new job? Silicon…

4 years ago

Facebook Will Allow Permanent Work From Home

Another tech firm, this time Facebook, commits to allowing staff to work from home forever if they wish, but will…

4 years ago

Scalable Solutions: Your Remote Workforce Is Growing

Martin Flick, CEO at Olive Communications, on how to keep your mobile workforce secure and effective

9 years ago