AWS Hires Investigators After Gender Discrimination Petition

Amazon hires outside investigators after AWS staff petition alleging 'systemic discrimination, harassment, bullying and bias against women”

11 months ago A Start-Up Igniting The Activist Spirit tells TechWeek about its plans to change the world, following a handy £9.9 million investment boost

9 years ago

GCHQ Releases Two Secret Alan Turing Papers

Britain's top secret listening station, GCHQ, has released two mathematical papers written by codebreaker Alan Turing

10 years ago

Apple Faces Protests After Manufacturing Revelations

Apple fans are to urged the company to take a more ethical manufacturing stance after recent reports of worker conditions

10 years ago

Turing Pardon Rejected As Bletchley Park Turns To Finding Colossus Sponsors

Alan Turing's pardon has been rejected by the government. Bletchley Park seeks sponsors for a virtual rebuild of the historic…

10 years ago

Alan Turing Petition Seeks Official Pardon

However Turing supporters ask is a pardon right, for crimes comitted under an "awful" law?

11 years ago

US Petition Demands Internet As Unalienable Right

US petitioners hope to vaquish SOPA by protecting Web access as a constitutional right

11 years ago

Government Moves Towards Bills By Crowdsourcing

The government is pushing its scheme to allow successful online petitions to be debated as parliamentary bills

12 years ago