Patent trolls

Apple Loses London Appeal Over Optis 4G Patent

Apple appeal dismissed in London Appeals courtroom, in its legal battle with Texas-based Optis Cellular Technology

12 months ago

Intel Stung By $948m Verdict In VLSI Patent Trial

Federal jury orders Intel to pay VLSI Technology $948.8 million for infringing a VLSI patent, but Intel “strongly disagrees” and…

2 years ago

Apple Threatens UK Exit Over Patent Dispute

Patent trolling...Lawyers for American tech giant say Apple could quit UK market over patent dispute with Optis Cellular Technology

3 years ago

Apple Loses Rehearing Bid In VirnetX FaceTime Case

Potential setback for Apple in the patent battle between it and VirnetX, after US Court of Appeals rejects Apple plea…

4 years ago

Microsoft, IBM Join Forces With Linux Foundation To Fight Patent Trolls

Don't feed the trolls. Partnership to fight 'Patent Assertion Entities', otherwise known as patent trolls

5 years ago

Intel Sues Fortress Investment Over Patent Lawsuits

Lawsuit from chip giant Intel, alleges that investment company is a semiconductor patent troll

5 years ago

Nokia Sues Apple For Smartphone Patent Violations

Round two of smartphone wars, after Nokia hits back at Apple with multiple lawsuits for patent violations

7 years ago

Google, SAP And Friends Unite Against Patent Trolls

Some of the world’s largest patent holders say they have invented ‘arms control for the patent world’

10 years ago

Why Rackspace Stood Up To Software Patent Trolls

Alan Schoenbaum, leader of the legal team at Rackspace, explains what makes software patent trolls ‘tick’

11 years ago

Rackspace: This Time, The Patent Troll Should Pay Us

Rakspace wants trolls at IP Nav to get a taste of their own medicine

11 years ago