industrial control system

US Warns Of Gas Pipeline Shutdown After Ransomware Attack

Real world dangers posed by malware after natural gas pipeline in the United States is shut down after a ransomware…

4 years ago

Industrial Control Systems Suffer Rising Cyberattacks – Kaspersky Lab

Almost one in two industrial computers worldwide subjected to malicious cyber activity, Kaspersky Lab warns

5 years ago

Insider Threat ‘Contributes’ To Growing Number Of Critical Infrastructure Attacks

IBM X-Force researchers find hackers are increasingly exploiting insiders for attacks on industrial control systems

7 years ago

Dangerous ‘Industroyer’ Malware Targets Industrial Control Systems

Newly-discovered malware exploits security failings in industrial protocols

7 years ago

Nuclear Plant Discovers Worm Infection

Malware has been discovered in a device connected to the control systems of a nuclear power plant in South Korea

10 years ago

German Steelworks Physically Damaged By Cyber Attack

A blast furnace in Germany suffers “massive damage” after a cyber attack on its computer network

10 years ago

US Nuclear Watchdog Hacked Three Times In Three Years

NRC says it conducts regular security training sessions, but its employees are still tempted by phishing emails

10 years ago

Satellite Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities Could Be Used To Hack Aircraft Says Researcher

Flaws in SATCOM firmware could compromise security of planes and ships, warns Ruben Santamarta, who will show his findings at…

10 years ago

US Government Says Utility System Hacked

Unnamed utility supplier and control system managing a mechanical device both hacked, according to official US security body

10 years ago