Google To Shut Down Hangouts Later This Year

Another app closure. Google Hangouts will be shut down in November this year, as conversations are moved onto Google Chat

2 years ago

Google Hopes Limes Audio Will Improve Hangouts Voice Quality

Limes Audio's technology removes distracting noises, distortion and echoes during video calls

7 years ago

Google Plus Hangouts For iOS Gets Free Phone Calls

Google+ Hangouts iOS users can now make free phone calls to any phone in the USA and Canada

11 years ago

Google Opens Live Broadcasting Feature To All

Google has taken its Google+ Hangouts On Air out of beta, allowing social networking users to broadcast live across the…

12 years ago

YouTube Reveals Tighter Google+ Integration

Youtube users can now promote their Google+ accounts as part of a tighter integration with the social network

12 years ago

Google Could Bring Video Conferencing To Its Enterprise Apps

Google exec hints at teleconferencing move, potentially generating competition for Polycom, Cisco and Microsoft

12 years ago

Google+ Hangouts Opens For Free Phone Calls

Google+ now gives its users the opportunity to make free phone calls from the Hangouts video chat app

12 years ago

Brand Pages Move Google+ Towards 60m Users

Google+ could add 20 million users by the end of the year, thanks to, Hangouts and Pages

12 years ago