Green IT

Elon Musk Sells More Tesla Stock As Value Slides

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk sells another block of shares bring total to $5.8bn in matter of days, amidst looming…

2 weeks ago

Electric Car Battery Prices Rise As Lithium Costs Soar

Batteries for electric vehicles see price hikes in China, in spite of expected economies of scale, as costs of lithium…

4 weeks ago

E-Scooter Company Looks To Thwart QR Code Theft

E-scooter and e-bike rental company Lime redesigns vehicles after users in London and New York report theft of QR codes,…

2 months ago

Tesla’s Musk Sees Chip Shortage Ending Next Year

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk sees chip constraints ending next year, as IDC projects 'normalisation' by mid-2022 – but others…

2 months ago

BT Pledges To Curb Carbon Emissions By 2030

Green pledge. UK telecoms giant BT brings forward its net zero carbon emission target from 2045 to 2030, and sets…

2 months ago

Boris Johnson Talks Tax With Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Downing Street confirms British Prime Minister discussed the issue of taxation during meeting with Jeff Bezos in New York

2 months ago

Amazon-Backed Rivian Raises Another $2.5bn From Investors

Electric vehicle start-up raises another $2.5bn from existing investors such as Amazon, as it looks to deliver first vehicles this…

4 months ago

Cambridge Data Finds Bitcoin Miners Shifting Away From China

Bitcoin mining operations began shifting out of China even before country began crackdown earlier this year, while Kazakhstan and US…

4 months ago

ARM Touts Performance Per Watt As New ‘Moore’s Law’

Traditional Moore's Law is no longer relevant in today world's, argues ARM, and says 'performance per watt' is the better…

5 months ago

Tesla Powerwall Battery Production Slows Due To Chip Shortage

Elon Musk admits in court that Tesla cannot produce enough Powerwall batteries because of the ongoing global chip shortage

5 months ago

Foxconn In Talks With Wisconsin For EV Plant

Taiwanese iPhone maker Foxconn in talks with US state of Wisconsin to build electric vehicles on site of massive cancelled…

5 months ago

UK Introduces Right To Repair, Others To Follow

Last week the government introduced ‘right to repair’ legislation in the United Kingdom, to tackle the long standing e-waste issue

5 months ago

Amazon Signs 14 Renewable Energy Projects

E-commerce and cloud goliath Amazon signs 14 new renewable energy projects, as it races towards its 2025 renewable energy goal

5 months ago

Bitcoin Plummets To Below $30,000 Amid China Crackdown

Bitcoin digital currency falls below $30,000 in value on Tuesday for the first time since January, as China clampdown bites…

5 months ago

US Plans Boost For Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling

US administration reportedly planning to invest in more recycling to recover minerals and reduce demand for new copper, lithium, cobalt…

6 months ago

Bitcoin Heads For Worst Slide In Nearly 10 Years

Bitcoin loses nearly 40 percent of value this month over regulatory and environmental concerns, in worst performance since September 2011

6 months ago

Amazon Now Largest Corporate Buyer Of Renewable Energy

With nine new wind and solar projects in UK, Europe and North America, Amazon becomes corporate buyer of renewable energy

7 months ago

Apple $200m ‘Restore Fund’ Targets Climate Change

Apple reveals $200 million investment fund called the 'Restore Fund', to remove carbon emissions and support sustainable forestry

8 months ago

Tesla Posts Record Deliveries, Beating Expectations

Tesla posts record electric vehicle deliveries for first quarter, as strong demand for less-expensive models offsets global chip shortage

8 months ago

Europe Looks To Ease Red Tape For Start-Ups

European Commission proposes new rules to lessen red tape for start-ups, including stock option reform and easier immigration visas

9 months ago

Right To Repair Law To Tackle E-Waste Problem

End to throw-away society? The UK to introduce 'right to repair' laws in the summer to tackle long standing e-waste…

9 months ago

IBM Pledges ‘Net Zero’ Greenhouse Emissions By 2030

Big Blue going green. IBM announces 2030 target, and becomes one of 20 new companies to join the 'Climate Pledge'…

10 months ago

Stop Streaming In Ultra HD On Phones To Save Planet, Scientists Warn

Boffins at UK Royal Society use mobile users to avoid streaming in unnecessarily high-resolutions in order to cut emmissions

12 months ago

Microsoft Raises Orkney Undersea Data Centre

Up she rises! Microsoft’s moonshot project to build more environmentally sustainable data centres under the ocean is deemed successful

1 year ago

Apple Pledges To Be Carbon Neutral By 2030

Green pledge sees Apple join other tech firms such as Microsoft and Amazon, by pledging to not to add carbon…

1 year ago

Jeff Bezos Pledges $10 Billion To Fight Climate Change

Amazon founder and one of the world's richest men has pledged $10 billion in order to fight the “biggest threat…

2 years ago

EU Approves 3.2bn Euro Subsidy For Battery Research

European Commission gives go-ahead to massive investment aimed at building an EU battery industry to support electric vehicles

2 years ago

Researchers Develop Autonomous Drone For Wind Farm Inspections

New technology reduces need to ferry human technicians out to offshore wind farms, potentially resulting in significant cost savings for…

2 years ago

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Pledges To Be Carbon Neutral By 2040

Environmental pledge from CEO, as staff stage walkout at Seattle HQ in protest at Amazon's green record

2 years ago

Apple To Use Recycled Rare Earth Elements In iPhones

Good for the planet and good for the trade war. Apple agrees deal to reuse recycled rare earth elements

2 years ago