European Chips Act

UK Joins EU’s Chip Research Program

UK joins European Union's chip funding research scheme, pledging £35 million for EU's 'Chips Joint Undertaking'

3 months ago

China To Launch $40 Billion State Chip Fund – Report

Sanctions response. New state-backed investment fund is to be launched that seeks to raise $40 billion for China's semiconductor sector

9 months ago

Germany To Subsidise TSMC Factory In Dresden

TSMC's first European factory will see the German government cough up 5bn euros (£4.3bn) in subsidies for the 10bn euros…

10 months ago

Broadcom Signals $1 Billion Investment In Spain

CEO of American Broadcom manufacturer confirms $1 billion investment into EU program to develop chip industry in Spain

11 months ago

UK Government Unveils Long-Awaited £1 Billion Semiconductor Strategy

Long-awaited government strategy for UK semiconductor strategy unveiled, but some critics argue it is not enough

1 year ago

European Union Finalises €43bn Chips Act

Terms for European Chips Act agreed, as bloc seeks to double market share in semiconductor development, manufacturing etc

1 year ago

Intel Seeks $5 Billion More In Subsidies For German Chip Plant – Report

Chip giant Intel is reportedly seeking an additional 5 billion euros in subsidies from the German government

1 year ago

Intel Now Seeks $10 Billion State Aid For German Factory – Report

Chip giant Intel reportedly increases the funding requirement from German government for planned Magdeburg chip factory

1 year ago

EU Countries Agree 45bn Euro Chip Production Plan

European chip production subsidies. Agreement from EU countries to a 45-billion-euro ($46.6 billion) fund to encourage local chip production

2 years ago

Italy, Intel Close To $5bn Chip Factory Agreement

Increase In European chip production? Agreement for Intel semiconductor packaging and assembly factory in Italy reportedly nudges closer

2 years ago

STMicro, GlobalFoundries Plan New French Chip Factory

New chip factory announced for France, to be located near Italian and Swiss border, will manufacturer 18-nanometer wafers

2 years ago

TSMC Rules Out European Chip Factory For Now

Bad news for EU chip manufacturing ambitions, as TSMC says there are no 'concerte' plans to build any factories in…

2 years ago

Spain Approves $13.1bn To Attract Chip Sector Investment

Come build a Spanish fab! Government in Spain officially approves plan to spend 12.25 billion euros on the semiconductor industry

2 years ago

German Government Touts $14.7bn State Aid For Chip Factories

Minister in German government says the country wants to attract chip makers with 14 billion euros ($14.71 billion) in support

2 years ago

Spain Plans $12.4bn Chip Sector Investment

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez says Spain will spend 11 billion euros to boost the country's semiconductor and microchip industry

2 years ago

Intel Confirms ‘Mega Factory’ In Germany

Chip giant Intel says it will initially invest 33 billion euros in EU, including 17bn euros for a 'semiconductor fab…

2 years ago

Intel Selects German City For European Chip Factory – Report

US chip giant Intel reportedly selects Magdeburg in Germany for new European chip factory, although official confirmation is expected later…

2 years ago

EC Proposes Easing State Aid Rules To Encourage Chip Factories

European Commission officially proposes easing state aid rulings to help countries offer financial incentives for the building of chip factories

2 years ago