OpenAI Introduces AI Model That Turns Text Into Video

What is real? OpenAI's new AI model 'Sora' can “create realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions”

3 months ago

Study: Nine In Ten UK Game Sales Went Digital In 2022

Industry figures find nearly nine in ten video game sales were digital downloads last year, amidst pandemic-inspired home entertainment surge

1 year ago

Apple iPad, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade

New 10.2-inch retina display iPad starts at just £349, while Apple TV prices and Apple gaming service is revealed

5 years ago

IT Life: Göran Appelquist, CTO Edgeware

Göran Appelquist talks about his career in IT, the art of streaming and why IoT won't impact his business

7 years ago

Data Centre Outage Causes Drama For Theatre Ticket Seller

Data centres: "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." Rack's faulty network switch knocks out theatre ticketing system…

8 years ago