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Crypto Firm HashKey Attains Unicorn Status With $100m Funding Round

Hong Kong-based crypto firm HashKey Group attains valuation greater than $1bn after $100m funding round, in sign of digital asset…

5 months ago

Logan Paul To Buy Back CryptoZoo NFTs

Influencer Logan Paul to buy back NFTs linked to failed CryptoZoo game – but those who participate must waive right…

5 months ago

Hong Kong Regulator Seeks To Limit Fallout From JPEX Crypto Scandal

Hong Kong financial regulator publishes list of crypto licence applicants as it seeks to limit damage from JPEX scandal

9 months ago

US Treasury Publishes Proposed Crypto Tax Rules

US Treasury Department publishes proposed rules aimed at cracking down on crypto tax evaders while simplifying filing processes

10 months ago

Bank of China Boosts Hong Kong Crypto With Tokenised Security

Bank of China international investment arm issues tokenised security in Hong Kong, in boost for city's crypto ambitions

1 year ago

Former OpenSea Employee Faces Criminal Charges Over NFT Trades

Former employee at dominant digital marketplace OpenSea this week faces first-ever criminal insider trading charges related to digital assets

1 year ago

Taiwan Financial Regulator ‘To Oversee Crypto’

Head of main Taiwan financial regulator FSC says body will be responsible for crypto industry, as island tightens controls

1 year ago

IMF ‘Warned G20’ Of Crypto Banking Risks

International Monetary Fund (IMF) says it warned G20 last month that proliferation of crypto assets could mean risks for banking…

1 year ago

JPMorgan Boss Calls Cryptocoins ‘Decentralised Ponzi Schemes’

JPMorgan chief executive Jamie Dimon tells US Congress cryptocurrencies are 'decentralised Ponzi schemes' that put billions at risk

2 years ago

Crypto Investor Arrested After Visiting Home Of TerraUSD Founder

South Korean crypto investor under police investigation after visiting home of Do Kwon, creator of failed TerraUSD cryptocurrency, to ask…

2 years ago

TerraUSD Organisers ‘Spent $2bn’ In Bitcoin To Maintain Value

Organisers behind failed TerraUSD stablecoin say they spent more than $2bn in Bitcoin last week in vain attempt to keep…

2 years ago

Bored Ape Start-Up Raises Millions In Virtual Land Sale

'Bored Ape Yacht Club' NFT creator, start-up Yuga Labs, raises more than $260m in sale of tokens representing land in…

2 years ago

El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin As Legal Tender

World first move by President Nayib Bukele, after Bitcoin is passed as a legal tender in the South American country…

3 years ago

Cryptocurrencies Shed $200bn Over US Tax Reform Fears

Cryptocurrencies lose $200bn in value, while Bitcoin drops below $50,000 as investors react to US proposals that would nearly double…

3 years ago

Bitcoin Rises Above $7,000 Following Binance Heist

The volatile cryptocurrency has regained some of its losses after shedding some three-quarters of its value last year

5 years ago