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Mark Zuckerberg Sued By DC AG Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Four years later, and Washington DC Attorney General decides to sue Mark Zuckerberg personally over Cambridge Analytica scandal

4 days ago

Google Sued For Use Of NHS Data Of 1.6 Million Brits

Lawsuit alleges Google and Deepmind Technologies used NHS data of 1.6 million Britons 'without their knowledge or consent'

2 weeks ago

Europe and US Agree Trans-Atlantic Data Sharing Deal

United States and European Union reach new agreement to allow businesses to transfer data and personal information across the pond

2 months ago

WhatsApp Slapped With $267m GDPR Fine For Sharing Data

Ouch. Irish Data Protection Commission hits WhatsApp with an increased fine of 225m euros, due to its handling and processing…

9 months ago

UK To Overhaul Data Protection Rules, Targets Cookie Pop-ups

Government to refresh the UK's data protection rules, and poaches New Zealand's Privacy Commissioner to replace outgoing Information Commissioner

9 months ago

Zoom Settles ‘Zoombombing’ Lawsuit, Pays $85 Million

Video conferencing giant Zoom to pay $85 million to settle a lawsuit over data sharing, security and 'zoombombing' issues

10 months ago

WhatsApp To Limit Messaging, Unless Users Agree New Terms

Users who don't agree to WhatsApp's updated terms will be blocked from messaging, and their account could be eventually deleted

1 year ago

Signal Installations Surge Amid WhatsApp Data Concerns

Research shows installations of Signal messaging app approaching one million a day, amid concern over WhatsApp data policy update

1 year ago

WhatsApp Will Share Data With Facebook, Despite User Wishes

What is the point of end-to-end encryption? Facebook to access people's WhatsApp data, whether they like it or not, from…

1 year ago

One Million Brits Sue Facebook For Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Over two years since it happened, and Facebook is still facing legal consequences of Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal

2 years ago

UK’s Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps To Share Data

Data sharing agreement for the UK's three different Covid-19 contact tracing apps, will see them share infection data between them

2 years ago

Regulators Investigate Google Over Ascension Health Data Deal

Probe begins of Google, after deal that gives it access to healthcare data about millions of Americans

3 years ago

Zuckerberg Hits Back Against Encryption Backdoor Request

The United States, UK, and Australia sign open letter to Facebook saying encryption helps child abuse, as they demand an…

3 years ago

Criminal Investigation Into Facebook Data Sharing – Report

It never rains but pours. US federal prosecutors launch investigation of Facebook's data sharing deals

3 years ago

Facebook Defends Sharing User Data With ‘Partners’

Did you consent? Social network shared people's data with Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Spotify etc

3 years ago

Facebook Investigates Crimson Hexagon After Surveillance Allegation

Facebook temporarily suspends another data analytics firm over data policy concerns

4 years ago

Zuckerberg Fails To Impress At European Parliament

MEPs reportedly left underwhelmed after Facebook's CEO long-awaited appearance at 'rambling' EU meeting

4 years ago

Zuckerberg’s Tuesday Meeting With EU To Be Live Broadcast

Anger at closed-door meeting results in revised decision to live broadcast Mark Zuckerberg's visit with EU parliament

4 years ago

Zuckerberg Resists Lawmaker Pressure For More Regulation

Mark faces first US Congress hearing, admits platform is in arms race with Russia over social network manipulation

4 years ago

Facebook Deletes Hundreds Of Russian Accounts, Says No To Global GDPR

Meanwhile it has emerged that Mark Zuckerberg will testify before US House Energy and Commerce Committee on 11 April

4 years ago

Firefox Plug-In To Halt Facebook Data Scraping

Mozilla aims to halt Facebook's collection of data via its network of trackers across the web

4 years ago

Zuckerberg Apologises For ‘Mistakes’ In Data-sharing Fiasco

Facebook boss finally breaks radio silence over Cambridge Analytica data-sharing scandal

4 years ago

WhatsApp Yet To Resolve EU Data Sharing Concerns

Irish data regulator confirms WhatsApp has still not proposed measures to settle European data sharing concerns

4 years ago

Worcestershire Trials Cross-Public Sector Data Sharing Agency

The operation, set up to promote data collaboration by any public sector organisation in the county, is thought to be…

5 years ago

UK Wants Frictionless Post-Brexit Data Sharing Agreement With EU

Government says its essential for the future of digital economy and law enforcement that the UK and EU have a…

5 years ago

Google’s Deepmind NHS Data Deal Lambasted By Paper

NHS patient data sharing with Google Deepmind slated in paper, but Google and Royal Free Trust fire back at 'significant…

5 years ago

A United Front: The Issue Of Threat Data Sharing In Cyber Security

IN DEPTH: The sharing of threat data is a key talking point within the world of cyber security, as we…

5 years ago

RSA 2017: Five Reasons Why We’re Losing The Cyber Battle

RSA 2017: Why exactly are the cyber criminals currently coming out on top? Here are five reasons...

5 years ago

Telcos Hope To Erode US Customer Privacy Protection But EU Privacy Shield Is Safe

UK and EU privacy regulators expressed concern over the new US administration's data-protection policies

5 years ago

Brexit: Microsoft Could Cancel UK Data Centre Expansion

UPDATED: Microsoft's UK government affairs manage says the Brexit could affect the company's data centre expansion plans, but Redmond refutes…

5 years ago