White House To Meet With Tech Firms Over Cyber-Security Crisis

White House to host meeting with software makers and cloud companies following disruptive attacks and emergence of widespread Log4j vulnerability

3 weeks ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Threat Hunters

Staying one step ahead of cyber attackers takes a special kind of mindset. You need to think like an attacker…

1 month ago

EU’s First Cyber-Warfare Sanctions Target Russia, China, North Korea

EU imposes asset freeze and travel ban on individuals and organisations from three countries over destructive cyber-attacks carried out in…

1 year ago

GCHQ Warns Brits Of Black Friday Cybercrime

Issues top tips to help Brits avoid being a victim of cyber-crime over the Black Friday period

3 years ago

Financial Impact of NotPetya Ransomware Continues to Grow

Pharmaceutical vendor Merck is the latest multi-national firm to report financial loses from the NotPetya ransomware attack in June 2017

4 years ago

Pizza Hut Admits Data Breach That Led To Customer Credit Card Fraud

Customers left cheesed-off after the pizza firm oozed credit card details

4 years ago

Sonic Drive-In Data Breach Potentially Exposes 5m Customer Credit Cards

The stolen credit card details are up for sale in a cyber thief's bazaar

4 years ago

One In Ten Of UK’s Top Businesses ‘Unprepared’ For Cyber Attack

Government figures find one in ten FTSE 350 companies have no plan in place to deal with a cyber attack…

4 years ago

Fireball Browser Hijack Impact Revised After Microsoft Analysis

A browser hijacking operation initially reported to have 250 million victims by security firm Check Point isn't quite that large,…

5 years ago

McAfee Report Highlights Rise In Cyber Threats And Evasion Techniques

It should come as no surprise, but cyber threats are continuing to rise

5 years ago

North Korea’s Unit 180 Hacking Cell Accused Of Major Cyber Attacks

Major hack attacks appear to be a money making exercise for North Korea's regime

5 years ago

Hacking Insurance ‘Surges’ Amid Cyber Crime Fears

Company fears over cybercrime stokes rise in cyber insurance policies, as European hack reporting rules loom

5 years ago

‘Human Error’ Leads To Guardian Soulmates Data Breach & Sexual Spam

Spammers have been hitting users of the Guardian Soulmates website with explicit emails after their information was accidentally displayed on…

5 years ago

Google And Facebook Hooked By $100m Phishing Scheme

The IT giants were tricked into paying millions to a scammer who impersonated a major Taiwanese electronics supplier, prosecutors say

5 years ago

Free Hacking Tools Lure Teenagers Into Cybercrime

Easy to use and free hacking tools are pulling young people into a life of cybercrime, claims NCA

5 years ago

IBM Report Details 2017 Tax Scams As IRS Filing Deadline Nears

As the Tax Day 2017 filing deadline of Tuesday April 18 nears, IBM is warning of an increase in tax-related…

5 years ago

Google Nest Camera Bug Enables Burglars To Shut Off Recording Via Bluetooth

The bug has yet to be patched, yet Bluetooth in the devices cannot be disabled

5 years ago

Two Russian Spies Indicted By US Justice Department For Orchestrating Yahoo Hack

The Kremlin has denied the accusations that FSB agents facilitated one of the largest data breaches in history

5 years ago

MWC 2017: Eugene Kaspersky ‘Comes Back From The Future’ To Warn About IoT Security Threats

Eugene Kaspersky says change is needed in order to defend against IoT security threats during theatrical appearance at MWC 2017

5 years ago

RSA 2017: Five Reasons Why We’re Losing The Cyber Battle

RSA 2017: Why exactly are the cyber criminals currently coming out on top? Here are five reasons...

5 years ago

Quiz Of The Week: Cyber Security In 2017

Hackers, ransomware, and malicious code do not seem to be going anywhere in 2017

5 years ago

Dozens Of Cyber Attacks Against Global Banks Linked To Lazarus Hacker Group

The Lazarus cyber criminal group appears to be behind a spate of custom malware attacks

5 years ago

NCSC: UK Bombarded By State Cyber-Attacks

The UK is hit by dozens of serious threats to national cyber-security each month, says NCSC head Ciaran Martin

5 years ago

Hacker Prosecuted After Creating Android Smartphone Seizing Software

A student has been sentenced to three years’ probation for selling malicious software that allowed cyber criminals to remotely control…

5 years ago

Dutch Developer Backdoor Scam ‘Affects 20,000 Users’

A developer installed back-doors in online shops and used the details he collected for sophisticated financial fraud, Dutch police say

5 years ago

Hacked Sony Music Tweets Britney Spears ‘Death’ Hoax

Sony Music has confirmed several tweets announcing Britney Spears' demise were the result of a 'compromise'

5 years ago

MPs Urge GCHQ Action On Bank Cyber-Crime

Financial regulators need their own cyber-security apparatus that isn't dependent upon GCHQ, argues the head of the Treasury Committee

5 years ago

KFC Website Hack Leaks Customer Data

Clucking Hell: Another data breach shows online security needs some cooking

5 years ago