MGM Hackers Launch New Campaign Targeting Financial Sector

Aggressive hackers behind hacks on Las Vegas MGM and Caesars casinos launch new campaign as FBI says it is moving…

2 months ago

Listed US Firms Must Disclose Cyber Breaches In Four Days

US financial regulator adopts new rules to require publicly traded companies to disclose hacking incidents in just four days

12 months ago

DoJ Creates Cyber Unit, Amid Growing National Security Focus

Sign of the times? US Department of Justice creates a specialist cyber unit within its National Security Division

1 year ago

UK, Australia Reach Cyber, Critical Tech Agreement

Australia says it will 'fight back' against nation state cyberattacks, after agreements with the UK over cyber, technology, and other…

2 years ago

UK Businesses At Risk Due To Cyber Skills Shortage

The cyber skills gap in the UK has reached breaking point for British businesses, RedSeal research warns

5 years ago

Destructive Cyber-Attacks Double In First Half Of 2019

Attacks seeking to wreak havoc on targets' systems have risen sharply, with the manufacturing sector accounting for half of all…

5 years ago

More Than 500 ‘Significant’ Attacks Reported To National Cybersecurity Centre

More than 1,000 cyber incidents were reported to the National Cyber Security Centre in its first year, including some affecting…

7 years ago

Pokemon Themed ‘Umbreon’ Rootkit Hides In Linux Systems

Rootkit is the latest malicious code to use a Pokemon theme

8 years ago

US And China Pledge ‘Code Of Cyber Conduct’

“Please stop hacking American targets”, or words to that effect as President Obama raises concern with China

9 years ago

CyLon To Help Startups Develop UK’s Cyber Defences

The scheme aims to develop the UK into Europe's hub for cyber security startups

9 years ago

Interpol Opens Cybercrime Base, Partners With Kaspersky, Trend Micro

New Singapore facility will help Interpol tackle cybercrime

10 years ago

US Accuses China Of Being Biggest Cyber-Threat

A report in the US accuses China and Russia of being the major players in the espionage game against the…

13 years ago

A Grim Story Of Daily Breaches Is No Fairytale

"Scaremonger" FireEye says every network is under attack. The scary thing, says Eric Doyle , is that the story is…

13 years ago

Government Promises £63 Million To Fight Cyber Crime

Home secretary Theresa May has revealed planned spending on fighting Internet threats, before a report in Spring

13 years ago