COVID-19 security

Covid Research Remains Prime Target For Cyberattacks – NCSC

Latest review of the UK's cyber landscape reveals record number of cyberattacks, with Covid vaccine research remaining a prime target

6 months ago

Did Russia Hack UK’s AstraZenica Covid Vaccine?

Did they hack the UK's vaccine? Newspaper reports Russia stole blueprint for the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in order to make Sputnik…

8 months ago

Hackers Steal Covid-19 Vaccine Documents From EU Agency

European Union's medicine regulator has been hacked, and documents concerning the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine have been stolen

1 year ago

North Korean Hackers Target AstraZeneca For Covid Vaccine

North Korean hackers pose as recruiters on LinkedIn and WhatsApp, to send job offer documents laden with malware to AstraZeneca…

2 years ago

Is Home Your Business’s New Network Security Perimeter?

Post COVID-19 could see many businesses permanently using home-based working as the norm for their enterprises. With annual reports stating…

2 years ago