BT Extends Deadline For PSTN Switch To Digital Landlines

Carrier 'refines' its digital switchover programme, and extends deadline for UK move from old analogue PSTN to digital landlines

1 month ago

Telcos Forced To Pause Switch To Digital Landlines For Vulnerable

Telcos including BT, Virgin Media forced to pause switching vulnerable people to digital landlines after emergency call failures

6 months ago

BT Halts Sale Of New Copper Lines On Openreach Network

As UK full fibre rollout continues, BT announces halt to sales of new copper telephones lines, after more than a…

10 months ago

Police Arrest Four Over BT Cable Theft In North Yorkshire

Police make arrests after Openreach confirms to Silicon UK that a cable theft left 200 homes without telephone or broadband…

2 years ago

Openreach To Pilot Closure Of Five Telephone Exchange Areas

Plan to close down 4,600 local telephone exchanges begins, as Openreach announces pilot closure of five exchange areas in the…

3 years ago

Ofcom Deal To Increase Fibre To The Premise Deployments

Ofcom agreement with BT gives it the conditions needed to ramp up the nationwide deployment of full fibre broadband in…

3 years ago

Openreach Plots Closure Of 4,600 Local Telephone Exchanges

UK's transition to full fibre network, sees Openreach consultation on the closure of thousands of local telephone exchanges

4 years ago

Openreach Moves Customers Away From Copper Network In Salisbury

In a UK first, customers in Salisbury are now no longer able buy landlines or broadband on the copper network,…

4 years ago

Investigation Slams ‘Dreadful’ Broadband In New Homes

Working from home? Best not do it in a new home then, as investigation reveals 'shocking state' of broadband for…

7 years ago

Swisscom Claims European First With G.Fast Launch

Swiss telco launches ultrafast broadband capable of 500Mbps that includes the use of humble copper lines

8 years ago

BT Perfectly Happy To ‘Sweat’ Copper Broadband Assets

BLOG: BT and its rivals agree on one thing: it plans to sweat its copper assets

9 years ago

Alcatel-Lucent Sends 10Gbps Over Copper Telephone Lines

Prototype XG-FAST technology could be used to vastly improve connection speeds between the street and the premises – no fibre…

10 years ago

BT Calls For End To TalkTalk And Sky’s £623m Copper Broadband ‘Subsidies’

BT says if Ofcom does not act over unbundled lines, the UK broadband market could be distorted to the tune…

10 years ago

Ofcom Tells BT To Repair And Install Fixed Lines Faster Or Risk Fines

Ofcom seeks to shortern the time telephone and broadband line repairs, as well as finish new installations

11 years ago

Sky Customers Cut Off As Failed Copper Thieves Steal BT Fibre

At least the dimwitted criminals didn’t make any money

11 years ago

BT To Trial Huawei G.FAST FTTdp Copper Broadband Technology

1Gbps broadband on the way with G.FAST and FTTdp, say Huawei and BT

11 years ago

Ofcom Calls For Cheaper Access To BT Openreach Copper Network

Ofcom wholesale proposals could lead to cheaper landline and broadband services for customers

11 years ago

Ofcom Praises Competitive UK Broadband Market

Ofcom says 9 million unbundled copper lines are bringing bills down

11 years ago

Alcatel-Lucent Touts Broadband Boost With VDSL2

Alcatel-Lucent has launched VDSL Vectoring equipment which should deliver faster broadband speeds

13 years ago

BT Extends ADSL2+ Deployment, But Deadline Slips

BT is extending its ADSL2+ copper network deployment, meaning faster broadband for more people

13 years ago

BT Ramps Up Fibre Speed As Broadband Boosts Profits

Profits at BT have risen 71 percent as the carrier benefits from an increasing broadband market share

13 years ago

BT Promises 20Mbps For 80 Percent Of Britain

Faster broadband should be on the way for more people as BT promises more ADSL2+

13 years ago