Aussie Police Identify Russian Hackers Blackmailing Medibank

Australian police know identify of Russian criminals conducting blackmail of Australian medical records including abortions

2 years ago

Hacker Who Tried To Blackmail Apple Receives No Jail Time

Londoner Kerem Albayrak threatened to factory reset 319 million iCloud accounts in 2017 – but authorities say he was only…

5 years ago

Police Arrest Member Of Cyber Extortionists DD4BC

Scotland Yard involved in European raids and arrest of key member of DDoS extortionist gang DD4BC

9 years ago

Sony Pays Out Millions In Hack Compensation

Sony agrees £5m settlement with staff after devastating Sony Pictures hack, allegedly by North Korea

9 years ago

Banks, Media Firms Targeted By Cyber Extortionists DD4BC

DD4BC gang threatens businesses with DDoS attack unless they cough up £8,000 worth of Bitcoins

9 years ago

Scammers Quick To React To Ashley Madison Hack

Ashley Madison data breach triggers upsurge in spam email, as victims become scammers target

9 years ago

Third Of British Firms Targeted By Ransomware

New study reveals alarming number of British firms have been held to ransom by hackers

9 years ago

Hacker Releases More South Korean Nuclear Data

Nuclear operator insists leaked secrets, including blueprints of reactor, are not 'classified material'

9 years ago

Nokia ‘Paid Millions’ To Symbian Blackmailers

Nokia paid several million euros to stop blackmailers revealing the source code of the Symbian OS

10 years ago