Electric Car Battery Prices Rise As Lithium Costs Soar

Batteries for electric vehicles see price hikes in China, in spite of expected economies of scale, as costs of lithium…

1 month ago

Panasonic Prototype Battery Lasts Five Times Longer

Prototype battery from Tesla supplier Panasonic, has five times the storage capacity of current batteries, and also costs 50 percent…

1 month ago

Ford Touts EVs For The Masses With $11.4bn For New Factories

New 'mega campus' in Tennessee and battery plants Kentucky will bring electric cars to the masses, not just the few,…

2 months ago

Tesla To Open Supercharger Network To Other EVs

Elon Musk confirms he will open Tesla's DC fast-charging stations (Tesla Supercharger network) to other types of electric vehicles in…

4 months ago

Battery Gigafactory Planned For Coventry

Huge factory for electric car batteries near Coventry airport officially submitted, and could lead to creation of 6,000 jobs

5 months ago

Nissan To Build EV Battery ‘Gigafactory’ In UK

Nissan's £1 billion investment in electric vehicle hub in Sunderland, includes a Gigafactory for car batteries built by Envision

5 months ago

Tesla Recalls Cars, And Confirms Battery Deal With Australia

Electric car giant recalls 6,000 cars in the United States, and confirms $1 billion a year battery material purchase from…

6 months ago

Apple Details Carbon Neutral Progress, Announces Energy Storage Project

New energy storage project for Apple, as it aims to achieve totally carbon neutral supply chain and products by 2030…

8 months ago

President Biden Targets Silicon Shortage With Executive Order

Chip shortage targetted by US executive order that will review supply chains for four critical products experiencing shortages

9 months ago

Tesla Battery Day: Elon Musk Touts New Advances

Tesla's Elon Musk 'battery day announcements include 'tabless' batteries for improved range; goal of making a $25,000 Tesla; and cobalt…

1 year ago

Tesla ‘In Talks’ To Establish Carbon-Neutral Nickel Mine

Tesla reportedly in talks with Canada's Giga Metals to establish environmentally friendly nickel mine in British Columbia as it expands…

1 year ago

Elon Musk Touts Capacity Increase Ahead Of ‘Battery Day’

Ahead of its widely touted 'battery day' event, Elon Musk hints at a 50 percent rise in battery capacity within…

1 year ago

Elon Musk Urges More Nickel Mining

Tesla boss urges mining corporations to product more nickel, as demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow worldwide

1 year ago

New Tesla Battery Tech Extends Life, Lowers Cost

Tesla aims to make batteries last longer while reducing their cost per mile, bringing expense of electric cars into line…

2 years ago

Tesla Applies To Become UK Electricity Provider

Company files with regulator to supply UK premises with electricity, following ventures into batteries for home and industrial power storage

2 years ago

Start-Up Kicks Off First Phase Of Battery Gigafactory In Sweden

Europe is ramping up competition for battery tech, seen as essential for the future of transportation and renewable power

4 years ago

Apple Says Sorry For iPhone Slowdown

Mea culpa. Apple apologises for slowing down older iPhones, but denies attempt to force customers to upgrade

4 years ago

Apple Confirms It Slows Down Older iPhones

Apple admits it does slow down older iPhones due to 'ageing batteries', but do other smartphone makers?

4 years ago

Scientists Develop Lithium Batteries Without Fire Risk

No more exploding batteries? Researchers develop water-based Lithium batteries to reduce chance of fire

4 years ago

Electric Car Battery Projects Get Millions In Government Funding

The government's APC has awarded £62m to projects including two aimed at building up the country's electric car battery manufacturing…

5 years ago

Super-Long Lifespan Battery Invented By Scientists

Scientists claim rechargeable battery breakthrough with drastically increased battery lifespan

6 years ago

Government Documents Show Dyson Is Working On Electric Car

Dyson using government funding to work on electric battery technology at Wiltshire headquarters

6 years ago

Dyson Invests £1bn In Battery Development

Strong sales of cordless vacuums leads Dyson to pledge significant support for technology industry's battle to create better and longer…

6 years ago

MIT, Samsung Research Boosts Battery Capcacity With Solid Electrolyte

Researchers demonstrated that a solid electrolyte can be used to solve many of the problems of today's batteries

6 years ago

Tesla Powerwall Battery Launched To Power Homes

Carmaker reveals rechargeable lithium-ion battery unit that stores solar power for homes and businesses

7 years ago

Aluminium Battery Could Charge Smartphone In 60 Seconds

Stanford University researchers make battery that is super powerful and "won't catch fire"

7 years ago

Second Airline Bans Lithium-ion Battery Shipments

Second major American airline bans the bulk shipment of lithium-ion batteries over fire concerns

7 years ago

Europe’s Largest Battery-Storage Project Has Been Switched On In The UK

Trial will play major role in trying to 'balance the grid' to meet UK carbon targets

7 years ago

Can Local Energy Measures Add Up To A Smart Grid?

Peter Judge thinks smart grid technologies work best applied at the grass roots level

7 years ago

Smart Power Grid Combines Batteries, Fuel Cells… And Compost

Smart power networks will rely on local generation and distributed storage

7 years ago