Bandwidth Consumption

Coronavirus: UK Removes Data Caps For Home Broadband

Netflix bingeing...main ISPs and operators in the UK agree to remove data caps on fixed-line broadband during the Coronavirus pandemic

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Ofcom Advice For Staying Connected At Home

'Stay connected' campaign tells people to move routers away from other electrical devices and don't use microwave during video calls

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Netflix Urged To Stream Low Definition To Ease Network Strain

European Union Commissioner has urged Netflix and other streaming platforms to stop delivering content in high definition

2 years ago

Global Internet Traffic Predicted To Triple By 2017

Over the next four years Internet traffic worldwide will triple, thanks to more connected devices and faster networks

9 years ago

Cloud And Bandwidth Top IT Dept Concerns

Cloud migration and the demand for more bandwidth are some of the top concerns facing IT departments

10 years ago