Honduras Sets Up First Bitcoin ATM

Honduras sets up country's first cryptocurrency ATM giving locals automated way to purchase Bitcoin or Ether, after El Salvador makes…

3 months ago

FBI Warns Of ATM Hacking Campaign

Banks on fraud alert after the FBI warn that thieves could steal cash using cloned ATM cards

3 years ago

Eastern European Banks Hit By £100m Cyber Crime Wave

A string of related thefts targeting banks in eastern Europe and former Soviet countries involved the coordination of physical and…

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The ATM

As world's first ATM is painted gold to celebrate 50th anniversary, we take a look back at the arrival of…

4 years ago

Cobalt Gang Makes ATMs Across Europe Spew Cash

The 'touchless jackpot' technique uses hacked bank networks to compromise teller machines

5 years ago

ATM Hack Gives Attackers Cash And Account Data

BLACK HAT 2016: Rapid7 researchers discover how hackers can steal account details from an ATM by bypassing anti-shimming measures

5 years ago

Criminals steal £9m From 1,400 Japan ATMs In Less Than Three Hours

More than 100 suspects were reportedly involved in a coordinated operation that used about 1,600 forged South African credit cards

6 years ago

Cash Machines Hacked By Cybercriminals For Free Money

Tyupkin malware spotted by Kaspersky in over 50 Eastern European cash machines before spreading worldwide

7 years ago

Poland Launches Vein Pattern Recognition ATMs

The Hitachi-equipped ATMs will allow users to withdraw cash without a bank card

8 years ago