Intel Foundry Assembles Next Gen Chip Machine From ASML

Key milestone sees Intel Foundry assemble ASML's new “High NA EUV” lithography tool, to begin 14A production

2 months ago

US To Urge Holland To Halt ASML Servicing Tools For China

Turning the screws on Beijing. Biden Administration to urge the Netherlands to stop ASML servicing some tools in China

2 months ago

The Netherlands To Spend Billions To Retain ASML Operations

Dutch government will spend 2.5 billion euros ($2.7 billion) to improve infrastructure in Eindhoven, to ensure ASML doesn't move abroad

3 months ago

Dutch PM Raises Cyber Espionage Case With China’s Xi

Beijing visit sees Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte discuss cyber espionage incident with Chinese President Xi Jinping

3 months ago

ASML Says Chip System Export Licence For China Partially Revoked

Dutch chip equipment maker says government partially revokes licence for export of DUV lithography systems to Chinese customers

6 months ago

ASML Boosts Revenue Outlook On China Demand

Dutch chipmaking equipment manufacturer ASML boosts full-year revenue estimate as Chinese customers stockpile gear

11 months ago

Netherlands Blocks More Chip Equipment Sales To China

Netherlands introduces further chip equipment export restrictions ahead of expected tightening of US rules, as allies target China

12 months ago

China Urges Japan To Drop Chip Export Restrictions

Minister hits back and says China is “strongly dissatisfied with” Japan’s decision to halt the export of chipmaking equipment

1 year ago

Germany Denies Chip Making Chemical Export Ban To China

There are currently no plans ban export to China of chemicals used to manufacture semiconductors, Germany says

1 year ago

ASML Boss Warns Of Chip Supply Uncertainty

Beijing will develop its own semiconductor equipment says CEO of ASML, and says market access to China is “absolutely essential”

1 year ago

China Asks WTO To Scrutinise Chip Export Restrictions

Beijing seeks WTO help, and says it will “take decisive measures to safeguard its rights and interests” after Japan joined…

1 year ago

Japan Joins US, Netherlands, In Chip Export Restrictions To China

Confirmation that Japan is now joining the US and the Netherlands in restricting semiconductor manufacturing equipment

1 year ago

Netherlands Joins US In China Chip Export Restrictions

China logs official complaint, after the Netherlands plans new restrictions on exports of semiconductor tech

1 year ago

Chinese President Xi Urges Tech Independence

Facing increasing US export controls on advanced technology, Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for tech self-reliance

1 year ago

ASML Data Theft By Ex China Staffer Violated Export Controls

ASML discovers its tech has been stolen by China employee, which resulted in violation of “certain export control regulations”

1 year ago

US Official Confirms Japan, Netherlands Joined US China Chip Sanctions

American official acknowledges deal with Japan and the Netherlands for new restrictions on chip-making tool exports to China

1 year ago

Dutch Minister Queries Compliance Over US Chinese Export Controls

The Netherlands will not summarily accept new US restrictions on exporting chip-making technology to China, minister warns

1 year ago

US Expects Deal With Allies To Implement China Chip Restrictions

Biden administration indicates a deal is near with key allies to also apply export restrictions on chip-making tools to China

2 years ago

Chip Makers Ease Disruption Concerns After Russian Invasion

Despite Ukraine being a key material supplier needed for chipmaking, manufacturers seek to ease worries of semiconductor disruption

2 years ago

US ‘Pressured’ Netherlands To Block China Chip Equipment Sale

US officials mounted an 'extensive campaign' to pressure the Netherlands to block ASML from selling chip lithography equipment to China,…

4 years ago

Samsung Not Involved After Alleged ASML Theft

South Korean giant says it respects intellectual property and is disappointed at certain media reports

5 years ago

Chipmaker ASML Admits IP Theft, But Rejects China Claim

Dutch chipmaker says workers in US stole intellectual property, but rejects Chinese espionage implications

5 years ago

ASML Admits Data Breach

The chip equipment manufacturing giant has confirmed it is investigating a 'recent' breach of its systems

9 years ago

TSMC Invests £850m Into Future Chip Technology

TSMC Follows Intel in a quest for 10-nanometer microprocessors

12 years ago

Intel Sinks £2.6bn Into Dutch Chip Firm ASML

Intel has invested a whooping $4.1 billion (£2.6bn) into the Dutch chip-equipment maker ASML

12 years ago