Russia Accused Of Cyberattack On Germany’s Ruling Party, Defence Firms

German foreign minister warns Russia will face consequences for “absolutely intolerable” cyberattack on ruling party, and German companies

2 months ago

UK NCSC, US Agencies, Warn Of Russian Cyber Campaign

America's NSA, CISA, FBI, alongside the United Kingdom's NCSC have warned about an ongoing brute force campaign by Russia's GRU…

3 years ago

Coronavirus: Russian Hackers Attack Vaccine Researchers

British and Western intelligence services are warning Russia's APT29 hacking group is targetting Covid-19 vaccine researchers

4 years ago

Angela Merkel Slams ‘Outrageous’ Russian Hacking

German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed she was targeted by hackers, linked to Russia's military intelligence (GRU) agency

4 years ago

Germany Issues Arrest Warrant For Russian Hacker Of Bundestag

GRU Officer Dmitry Badin, who is also wanted in the US for hacking Hillary Clinton's emails, is now wanted by…

4 years ago

Microsoft Says Russia’s Strontium Behind IoT Hacks

Russian state-sponsored hackers linked to GRU, identified by Microsoft as attacking IoT devices

5 years ago

Russian Hackers Hitting European Democratic Institutions, Warns Microsoft

Russian hacker group Fancy Bear behind attacks on Germany, Poland, Romania and Serbia

5 years ago

Russian Political Hack Halted By Microsoft

Attack by 'Fancy Bear' hacking group to steal steal data from American think tank organisations foiled by Redmond boffins

6 years ago

Russian APT28 ‘Hacking Hotels To Steal Guests’ Passwords’

The allegedly state-backed hacking group has been implicated in an information-stealing campaign targeting guests at hotels in Europe and the…

7 years ago