all-day battery

Toyota Claims Battery Breakthrough For EVs

Holy grail moment? Japanese car giant Toyota claims solid-state battery charges in ten minutes and has range of 745 miles

1 year ago

Apple Releases MagSafe Battery Pack For iPhone 12

Needing some extra juice for a dying battery? MagSafe battery pack for the iPhone 12 unveiled by Apple on Tuesday…

3 years ago

Tesla Battery Day: Elon Musk Touts New Advances

Tesla's Elon Musk 'battery day announcements include 'tabless' batteries for improved range; goal of making a $25,000 Tesla; and cobalt…

4 years ago

Elon Musk Urges More Nickel Mining

Tesla boss urges mining corporations to product more nickel, as demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow worldwide

4 years ago

Tesla Powerwall Battery Installations To Begin In Japan

Global rollout of the Powerwall home battery continues, with Japan installations slated for 2020

5 years ago

Super-Long Lifespan Battery Invented By Scientists

Scientists claim rechargeable battery breakthrough with drastically increased battery lifespan

8 years ago

StoreDot Bio Battery Ready For Smartphones In 2016

The bio-organic battery from StoreDot that can be fully charged in just 26 seconds, could be available on the market…

10 years ago

Battery Powered Clothing To Charge Mobile Devices

Scientists have touted a flexible battery that can be woven into clothing in order to power mobile devices

12 years ago

Deep Sleep Wi-Fi Could Improve Phone Battery Life

Boffins have come with an “idle listening” fix for smartphones to dramatically improve battery life

13 years ago

Nine-Cell Battery Laptops Offer All-Day Computing

All-day batteries have been claimed for over a year but new 30-hour laptops are truly fulfilling this dream

13 years ago