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Google Switches On Chrome Ad Blocker

Bad news publishers? Chrome web browser now enables its ad blocker to prevent annoying and "intrusive" ads

4 years ago

Ad Blocking Uptake Stablises As Consumers Recognise Need For Adverts

Necessary evil? Study finds 22 percent of British adults use ad blocking software, as growth stalls

5 years ago

Mozilla Trials Native Firefox Ad Blocking Tools For All

Mozilla wants to extend Tracking Protection to all tabs, not just private browsing, meaning invasive ads could be blocked

5 years ago

Europe Urges Removal Of Network-Level Ad Blockers

European body cites net neutrality concerns with new guidance that networks cannot implement advert blockers

5 years ago

Google Pulls Samsung Ad Blocking App From Play Store

Ad blocking app for Samsung phones pulled from Google's Play Store for breach of terms and conditions

6 years ago

Adblock Plus Returns To Android, Arrives On iOS

No more pesky adverts as Adblock Plus launches on both Google Play Store and Apple iOS

6 years ago

Ad Blocking To Cause Publishers £14bn In 2015 As Popularity Grows

Adblocking software such as Adblock Plus is witnessing a dramatic rise in users as the software shifts to mobile

6 years ago