Most Brits Rely On Memory To Manage Passwords, Says Bitwarden

Bitwarden survey finds majority of Brits rely on memory for their passwords, with many having to reset on a daily…

4 months ago

Amazon Ring Enables 2FA After Privacy Scares

Ring division adds an extra layer of security to its smart home devices after a number of unsettling cyber-security incidents

2 years ago

Google Allows iPhones To Be Used As 2FA Physical Security Key

Update to Google's Smart Lock app for iOS devices means that modern iPhones can be used as a physical security…

3 years ago

Ransomware Remains Biggest Cyber Threat To SMBs, Warns Datto

Number of ransomware attacks on SMBs on the rise, and the cost of downtime has risen over 200 percent

3 years ago

Facebook Allows Two-Factor Authentication Phone Number Search

Another Facebook privacy worry as it emerges that platform links authentication phone number with user profile

3 years ago

Dropbox Allows Two Factor Authentication Via Mobile

Don't have a mobile signal? You can now still access your Dropbox securely

5 years ago

LastPass Can Now Store Two-Factor Authentication Keys In The Cloud

The company argues there's no additional security risk to doing so, as long as they have 2FA turned on for…

5 years ago

eBay ‘Downgrading’ Some Users’ Two-Factor Authentication

eBay confirmed it is asking users of an authentication token to switch to 'convenient' text-message login

5 years ago