Chat Acronyms And Text Speak

In the era of unlimited texts and instant messaging, it may seem odd to recall a time when we used ‘text’ speak to save space, but we still use plenty of acronyms on Twitter to save time and characters. But what do you know ...

texting smartphone SMS ┬ęshutterstock B Calkins

Mobile Messaging: From SMS To WhatsApp

Ever since the advent of smartphones and 3G networks, mobile messaging has shifted from the humble SMS to services like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook and now Snapchat. But what do you know?  

Cloud In 2017

The world of the cloud is growing larger with each passing year. But how much to you know about the cloud in 2017?

Women In Tech

Men may take the glory, but women have been in IT from the very start. How well do you know female tech?

Trump & Technology

The new president of the United States is Donald J Trump. He has been described as a luddite with misguided or inadequate knowledge of technology, but used social media as effectively as anyone in his journey to the White House? But wh ...

What do you know about IBM?

It’s one of the oldest IT companies and can fairly be said to have set in motion the IT industry we have today. It’s got a long and interesting history, and we are going to sample a few of the high points here, See what you ...

Tech jargon

The technology world is full of jargon and acronyms; but do you know your CPU from your hyper-converged infrastructure? Try out quiz to find out!

Artificial Intelligence

The rise of the machines has long fulled fiction but it’s mow on its way with the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence. But how much do you know about AI from the world of tech and pop culture?

China Tech – Surveillance And Superstars

China is a world leader politically, but what of its technology industry? There is much to admire, yet much to worry about, with extraordinary companies and scary cyber crooks. How much do you know about them all?

Which mobile phone is this?

The very first mobile phone was launched in the 1970s but commercial networks didn’t emerge until the 1980s and it was another decade before they became mainstream. Now, mobile phones are essential to most people’s lives an ...