Microsoft And Intel Push Forward In Mixed Reality With Project Evo


Intel and Microsoft look to take on Amazon and Echo

Microsoft revealed a partnership with Intel which will see the companies collaborate on a new feature for Windows 10 to take on Amazon Echo-like devices.

Code-named “Project Evo,” the partnership will focus on mixed reality, gaming, advanced security and artificial intelligence (AI), with the aim of producing always-connected and more power efficient cellular PCs; essentially computers with cellular connectivity.


Mixed reality for the masses

Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group, announced the news in a blog post, saying: “Windows has always been about deep partnerships that marry the best innovation across hardware, software, and services to provide our customers with ground-breaking experiences and great device choices. One of our most important partners making this possible is Intel, and today, I’m thrilled to announce our latest collaboration, codenamed “Project Evo.”

“With Project Evo, Microsoft and Intel will deliver all-new ways for devices to light up with the latest in advanced security, artificial intelligence and Cortana, mixed reality, and gaming. Through this collaboration, devices of the future will leverage Microsoft and Intel innovations.”

These innovations include far-field speech communications on Cortana, updated security capabilities including advanced biometric authentication and threat intelligence and mixed reality experiences through PCs and head mounted displays (HMDs).

For mixed reality specifically, Microsoft has submitted HoloLens for government approval in China, announced a new partnership with 3Glasses – a China-based hardware developer of HMDs – and will make HMD developer kits available at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next year.

“The software and hardware innovations we have seen today position us all to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” Myerson said. “Together, we can fulfill our mission to build technology that serves all of us, by ensuring there are devices for the creator in each of us.”

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