Quiz Of The Week: Privacy

Edward Snowden privacy protest NSA US Washington © Rena Schild Shutterstock

The issue of privacy has never been in the spotlight as much as it is now, but what do you know about it?

Our data is valuable. Companies of all sizes want access to our personal information, our browsing history and our shopping habits. Just about everything you do is of interest some obscure business who hopes to monetise it.

That’s why social networks and mobile applications demand certain privileges and why websites of all varieties want to leave cookies on your computer.

Privacy Protection

invasion of privacyFor many people, this is a perfectly valid trade-off for web services, but there is a growing backlash against companies that demand a little bit too much. And in the wrong hands, this information could be used by blackmailers or scammers through to commit fraud or initiate social engineering projects

And of course then there are governments. Edward Snowden’s revelations opened the world’s eyes to the scale of state-sponsored surveillance while the so-called Snooper’s Charter could allow our own country to see our communications data in the name of national security.

Initiatives like Data Protection Day seek to remind individuals and companies about the importance of privacy and controlling your data. But what do you know about privacy?

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