Looking For A Security Superhero? Don’t Call For Aquaman…

Nautical notable tops Intel Security’s list of ‘most toxic’ superheroes to search for online

IT security professionals looking for some super-powered assistance may well be better off phoning tech support, according to new research which has shown some of our favourite comic book stars have a rather un-heroic online presence.

A study from Intel Security has identified many that searching for many superheroes online may leave fans facing security threats from less than wholesome websites.

Much-maligned sea-based hero Aquaman tops the list, just ahead of Iron Fist and Wolverine, in a study released days before the start of Comic-Con in Los Angeles this weekend.

Never fear

security superheroThe researchers found that 20 percent of online search results relating to Aquaman could be leading consumers to viruses, malware and other inappropriate content that can be considered dangerous, can compromise private information or infect their devices.

This meant that the King of Atlantis regained top spot after losing it in last year’s study, as attention surrounding him ramps up ahead of a movie release in 2018.

Also among the top ten were Avengers favourites The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man (tied for 7th place on 18.85 percent), Catwoman (8th place with 18.65 percent) and Batman (10th on 18.33 percent).

Superman, who topped last year’s list, failed to even make the top ten this year, showing that the Man of Steel doesn’t always get things his own way.

In order to safeguard themselves, Intel Security is recommending that users be wary of searches that turns up a link to free content or too-good-to-be-true offers, as well as exercising caution before clicking on links that could direct to malicious fake sites.

Many dodgy sites feature misspellings or other clues that the link may direct users to a phony website or contain viruses that will corrupt your device, with Intel Security saying that customers should ensure they have a comprehensive security solution that is up to date with a safe search tool to identify risky websites in search engine results.

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