BT Opens First Cybersecurity Hub Outside UK In Australia

BT opens first cybersecurity R&D hub outside the UK, claiming it wants to tap into talent in Sydney and New South Wales

BT is to open up its first cybersecurity R&D hub outside the UK in Sydney, Australia is it continues to expand beyond communications. 

The expansion of BT’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) will see 172 jobs created over the next five years as the company looks to tap into local talent. 

The hub will focus on machine learning, data science analytics and visualusation, big data engineering, cloud, networks and software engineering. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Sydney will also work on systems integration, service teams and host the new role of chief global engineer for cyber product development. The technologies created in Sydney will be used to serve customers in 180 countries. 

“This cutting edge operation will help keep Australia’s best cyber security talent here in NSW while nurturing our next generation of specialists to ensure we remain a regional leader in this fast growing industry,” Said Matt Kean, minister for innovation at the New South Wales (NSW) government, which is supplying a $1.67 million AUD (£1m) grant to BT 

“As well as creating 172 jobs, including 38 jobs for skilled graduates over the next five years, BT will also make a $2 million investment in capital infrastructure and a further multi-million dollar investment to employ cyber security specialists at the hub.” 

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BT sells security services to its corporate customers as part of packages which also include network tools, unified communications and direct connections to public cloud providers. It’s wider ‘Cloud of clouds’ vision forms part of this strategy. Security partners include Trend Micro, Symantec and Forescout. 

“We are thrilled at this exciting new opportunity to tap into local cyber security skills,” said Mark Hughes, CEO BT Security. “Never before has cyber security been more important and we see potential for growth in New South Wales, Australia and further afield. The hub will be a cornerstone of our global cyber security capabilities and help us stay ahead in this fast moving space.” 

BT Security’s other role is to protect its own business. Hughes told Silicon last year that it had learned the lessons from the TalkTalk hack and the company has embarked on a recruitment drive.  

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