Royal Mail Launches Digital Identity Verification Service

royal mail postbox

Royal Mail identity service that connects to GOV.UK Verify has gone live

Royal Mail and CitizenSafe identity services for the Gov.UK Verify programme have gone live.

The services aim to provide verification of individuals so that they can access Government services online, safely and easily.


These identity services utilise the Secure Trust Platform from cloud-based identity Avoco.

Jim Conning, MD of Royal Mail Data Services, said: “Avoco Secure’s Trust Platform is the technology that enables Royal Mail to deliver a verified, scalable, secure, user centric identity assurance service, which will allow users to authenticate themselves to UK Government digital services.”

The UK government Gov.UK Verify programme has been created to enable citizens to access UK government online services securely. The services will include HMRC, DWP, Defra, DVLA, BIS, MOJ etc. Official estimates are that up to 20 million citizens may use the GOV.UK Verify programme to access government digital services.

The UK’s Identity Assurance market is taking shape thanks in part to the Government’s Digital Services Identity Assurance Programme.

Gerry O’Brien, CEO at Avoco Secure, said: “Avoco has been working with Royal Mail and GB Group to create user friendly, fast and accurate, identity services, that supports the needs of the Gov.UK Verify programme, while ensuring users have, as smooth and secure experience as possible.”

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