Anonymous Hacks The Ku Klux Klan Following Ferguson Threats

#OpKKK takes control of two Twitter accounts and four websites following threats against Ferguson protestors

Notorious hacking collective Anonymous has launched a major cyberattack against the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) following the group’s threats to attack protestors in the stricken town of Ferguson.

The hacktivist group posted several messages on the KKK’s official Twitter feed, and appears to have taken control of another account affiliated with the Klan, as well as appearing to take down four of the KKK’s websites, including its portal.

Anonymous is now threatening to release “many documents” containing information about the Klan throughout the coming hours, including personal details of Klan members, including several of its major leaders.

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The attack, named #OpKKK by Anonymous members, began on Sunday, when hackers affiliated with the group took control of the @KluKluxKlanUSA and @YourKKKCentral Twitter accounts, posting several messages warning the KKK, including one with an image of a Klansman being lynched.

The hackers were also able to seize four websites associated with the group, including Storefront, a white nationalist online forum and the website of the Traditional American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, taking them offline.

In a statement posted on Pastebin, one Anonymous member said:

“When society accepts racism, violence against people and their homes, and allows people to be arrested without proof or rights for a defense, the justice shows its ideological and partial side. It’s a symptom and ideological. Protest against Ku Klux Klan is, symbolically, stand against the ideology that causes death and suffering.”

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The attack followed the KKK’s threat to use “lethal force” on demonstrators in the town of Ferguson, Missouri, protesting against the killing of an unarmed teenager several months ago. Michael Brown was allegedly shot by an on-duty police officer, sparking anger concerning racial profiling by local law enforcement and leading to widespread civil unrest and even rioting in the town.

Responding to this, the notoriously racist KKK began distributing leaflets in Ferguson threatening “lethal force” against any protestors following the aftermath of an expected announcement from the Grand Jury in the coming days.

“You have awakened a sleeping giant,” the leaflets read. “The good people of St. Louis County of all races, colors and creeds will not tolerate your threats of violence against our police officers, their families and our communities. You have been warned by the Ku Klux Klan! There will be consequences for your acts violence against the peaceful law abiding citizens of Missouri. We will use lethal force as provided under Missouri Law to defend ourselves.”

The KKK is the latest organisation to fall victim to Anonymous’s attacks, as the group looks to target those which it feels have done acts of wrongdoing. Last month, it launched a major attack against the Israeli government, shutting down 43 of its websites following the killing of 14-year-old Palestinian-American Orwah Hammad, who was shot by members of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF).

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