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Vroozi Adds New CEO, Procurement Veteran Joseph Fox

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a leading mobile-first, user-centric purchasing and spend-management
platform, announced today that Joseph Fox will join their team as CEO.

“Radical business innovation is here and companies of all sizes are
transforming how they collaborate,” said Fox. “How companies buy and
sell changes at light speed, and Vroozi’s innovations allow employees to
keep modern and mobile via the expanding Vroozi SpendTech platform.”

Fox brings over 30 years of business leadership and technology
experience to Vroozi with deep experience in the procurement-software
market. Before joining the Vroozi team, Fox was chief strategy officer
at BirchStreet, a procurement hospitality software provider. Prior to
BirchStreet, Fox was with SAP Ariba as SVP business development and
strategy. His more than 12 years with Ariba included joining pre-IPO in
field consulting and then returning for 10 years holding leadership
positions in product management, marketing and strategy. Fox also held
key roles within Ernst & Young Management Consulting and Accenture
Procurement BPO. He currently sits on the International Chamber of
Commerce (ICC) eBusiness workgroup located in Paris.

“As Vroozi continues its strong growth, it has become imperative to add
a level of experience and vision that has been honed over a long and
successful career,” said Steve Olds, Vroozi’s president. “Fox brings a
deep pedigree from many decades with top companies in the source to pay
procurement industry. He sees our vision and understands how disruptive
it has been to the old means of deploying and using software for our
clients. We are very excited to add Joe to lead the team.”

As Vroozi CEO, Fox will implement his customer-centric innovation and
forward-thinking strategy of digital intelligent business commerce. This
will result in the expansion of the Vroozi modern and mobile buying
platform through new cloud innovation for business buyers, suppliers and
supply chain parties. The strategy will leverage AI, Blockchain and
business network technologies expanding the value realized through
traditional procurement software offerings.

About Vroozi

Vroozi SpendTech®, the leading cloud-based procure-to-pay
platform, helps companies make business purchasing effortless, efficient
and enjoyable. Vroozi is designed for companies who want to empower
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visibility from anywhere, at any time. Vroozi has proven its solution
within the enterprise space and is now democratizing the procure-to-pay
process by bringing that powerful, enterprise-grade functionality to the
mid-market. Vroozi customers range from mid-market to Fortune 500
companies and privately held enterprises across several industries –
entertainment, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, defense and
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