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Vivior Produces First Ever Customized, Corrective Lenses Using Data from Its Wearable Device

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In a test, Vivior determined individual visual habits using the
Vivior Visual Behavior Monitor and, based on this objective data,
provided customized vision correction lenses to each of the test

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Vivior progressive spectacles (Photo: Business Wire)

Vivior progressive spectacles (Photo: Business Wire)

As the first company in the history of the optical industry, Vivior has
used data gathered by test persons to calculate an optical design for
progressive spectacle lenses (also called Progressive Addition Lenses or
PALs). This design was then used to manufacture the spectacle lenses
which are currently being tested. Vivior’s new PALs are calculated and
produced through an objective measurement of the real-life visual
behavior and not based on statistics or studies.

Mario Stark, CEO at Vivior, explains: “This test shows that it is
possible to use objective data about individual visual behavior to
customize the vision correction solution. It opens new opportunities and
new business models for Vivior.”

Paul Soye, PhD, MBA, member of the Board of Directors at Vivior and
former Global Head R&D of Alcon Cataract Surgery, adds: “We are thrilled
to offer anybody seeking vision correction the option to receive a truly
individual, customized solution. Everybody has a unique viewing
lifestyle, therefore needs unique vision correction.”

About Vivior:

Vivior is a Swiss digital health start-up founded in 2017 by a group of
experienced eye care professionals. The company develops a novel
wearable device to objectively measure patient’s behavioral data prior
to vision correction interventions. The system collects daily activity
data from patients, processes these data in the cloud and analyses
patient’s lifestyle patterns using machine-learning algorithms. This
ground-breaking combination allows to better understand patients’ needs
and enables eye care professionals to offer optimal personalized
solutions to their patients.