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Viken Detection Issues Statement on AS&E Lawsuit

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Viken Detection, pioneer of x-ray imaging handheld devices and vehicle scanners, today commented on a lawsuit recently filed by AS&E, a division of Rapiscan and OSI Systems (NASDAQ: OSIS).

Viken Detection issued the following statement:

Last week AS&E filed a groundless lawsuit against Viken Detection and its CTO, Dr. Peter Rothschild, based on concocted allegations of events that supposedly took place over six years ago, when Dr. Rothschild left AS&E to start Viken. The timing of their lawsuit comes just prior to impending large government tenders for new vehicle scanning equipment to be used to thwart high-volume drug trafficking at the U.S. southern border.

Viken and AS&E are the only two providers that use backscatter X-ray for vehicle scanners, an essential technology for drug interdiction. In fact, Viken’s recently launched Opsrey-UVXTM is the only under-vehicle scanner using this technology, which helps officers quickly, safely and effectively inspect the most difficult areas of a vehicle.

AS&E’s complaints are absurd, come after failed recent attempts to rehire Dr. Rothschild, and selectively rely on discredited individuals – including one who has pleaded the Fifth Amendment to accusations of planting documents to frame Dr. Rothschild, and another who was terminated by Viken several years ago – while ignoring the sworn statements of AS&E’s own former CTO, which undermine their allegations.

“Despite this attack from a company 50 times our size, Viken remains resilient and resolute in our mission to provide the most advanced, effective and safe drug interdiction technologies to officers on the front line,” said Viken CEO, Jim Ryan. “With the full support of our Board of Directors, Viken will vigorously defend itself and is prepared to pursue all available claims and counterclaims against AS&E.”

About Viken Detection

Viken Detection provides enabling security imaging and material identification solutions that help law enforcement and safety inspection professionals keep the public safe from drug trafficking, terrorism and other hazardous threats. The company’s innovative Osprey-UVX (under vehicle scanner), HBI-120 (handled imager) and Pb200i (lead-paint analyzer), are the recognized leaders in their markets. Viken Detection is headquartered just northwest of Boston, in Burlington, Massachusetts. For more information, visit