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TuneTaxi Launches with Over 1 Million AI-Generated Royalty-Free Songs and Free Music Channels

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TuneTaxi, a new groundbreaking music service, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative platform, beginning with 15 free background music channels. TuneTaxi sets a new standard for AI music quality, indistinguishable from human-created, with an extensive library of over 1 million AI-generated, royalty-free songs. TuneTaxi not only offers free access to high-quality music but also features premium channels for those seeking exclusive content, blending the best of AI innovation with user accessibility and choice.

Free and Premium Channels to Suit Every Need

TuneTaxi aims to meet the diverse needs of retailers, content creators, and businesses worldwide, providing an unmatched soundtrack to enhance any environment. “Our initial offering of 15 free channels is just the beginning,” says Raoul Wedel, founder. “We are committed to expanding our free offerings while also developing premium channels that cater to the specific needs of our users, ensuring the highest quality and variety.”

Erik Kross, Musical Architect, states, “We’re proud to set a new standard in AI music across genres like Pop, Classical, Jazz, and Lounge. TuneTaxi blends innovation with creativity, offering something for every listener. Visit our website for a listen and discover the future of music.”

A New Benchmark in Music Quality and Accessibility

TuneTaxi’s platform is designed to redefine the standards of music quality and accessibility. The AI-generated songs available on TuneTaxi are indistinguishable from those created by human artists, offering unparalleled quality that sets a new benchmark in the industry. The platform’s easy-to-use interface ensures that finding the perfect track is straightforward and hassle-free, whether for enhancing a retail space or providing a unique backdrop for creative projects.

Discover how TuneTaxi can transform your space with free, high-quality background music and explore our premium offerings at

About TuneTaxi

With offices in New York and Hilversum, The Netherlands, TuneTaxi is at the forefront of the AI-generated music revolution, providing over 1 million unique, royalty-free songs. With a commitment to democratizing music production and enhancing public spaces, TuneTaxi offers both free and premium channels to ensure high-quality background music is accessible to all. The platform’s launch with 15 free music channels, with plans for further expansion, underscores TuneTaxi’s dedication to innovation, quality, and user satisfaction.