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Toppin Announces New Air Purifier That Offers The Most User-Friendly Way to Restore Fresh Air in Your Home

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Toppin, a smart home brand founded in California in 2020, is excited to announce the launch of its new self-developed air purifier – Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4. Featuring an innovative handle design with built-in touch controls known as “The Bridge”, Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 offers the most user-friendly way to restore clean & fresh air in your home.

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Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 - H13 True HEPA Air Purifier (Photo: Business Wire)

Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 – H13 True HEPA Air Purifier (Photo: Business Wire)

Why an Air Purifier Can Be Good for You

If you suffer from allergies, sometimes waking up in the morning with a stuffy nose or a tickly throat, an air purifier could just be the thing you need. A lot of us take pride in keeping our homes in great shape, but even after vacuuming and sweeping, the air around us is still likely to contain dust, pollen, and even pollution. Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 thoroughly cleans air via a powerful 4-layer filtration system to help fight off allergens and offer an all-round more comfortable home environment.

User-Friendly, First-in-the-Market Design

The proprietary built-in handle is designed to move this lightweight air purifier freely between rooms to get the clean air wherever they want. Touch controls are located on top of the handle, offering seamless top-down access, which is more intuitive than side touch controls featured on most air purifiers. Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 even offers a whisper-quiet 20dB sleep mode to clean throughout the night without waking you up.

Thorough Cleaning in No Time

Features a powerful 4-layer filtration – an H13 HEPA filter to eliminate 99.97% of airborne particulates, a Nylon pre-filter to filter out hair, pet dander, and large particles, nano silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth, and an activated carbon filter to absorb formaldehyde, pollen, and odors. Capable of cleaning up to 392 ft² in just 20 minutes, Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 is ideal for living room, dining room, bedroom, and more.

Check Real-Time Air Quality at a Glance

Always know how fresh the air is in your home by checking the 3 color indicators located beneath the touch display. Colors are designed according to the US Air Quality Index, with green indicating good, orange indicating fair, and red indicating poor. With this unique, real-time color indicator, Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 will tell you the quality of the air anywhere in your house

Aroma Therapy

A built-in aroma tray can be topped up with essential oils to leave your space not only clean, but also filled with fragrant aromas.

Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 is the first product in the Bridge series on the market, with two more to come in August. Now available for $199.99 on Amazon and Toppin‘s official website.

About Toppin

Founded in California US in 2020, Toppin is a health and happiness brand for the modern homeowners. With the vision of “Bring aesthetics to healthy life”, Toppin is committed to leveraging the value of smart home, keeping exploring the combination between design and technology to offer future-forward products.

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