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Tecore’s Network in a Box Delivers Robust LTE Communications During Live Flight Exercises

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Tecore Networks, an innovator of Made in the USA wireless network
infrastructure, today announced it is exhibiting at the Special
Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC)
taking place May
20-23, 2019 at the Tampa Convention Center. The company will be
featuring its full product line of tactical LTE communication systems
and solutions. From
tactical vehicle and man-packable mobile environment installations

for air, land, and sea Tecore’s
iCore® Network in a Box®
(NIB) provides dedicated and optimized LTE
communications for the war fighter.

“As tactical
LTE capabilities
continue to emerge as critical operational
requirements, the options for the network infrastructure require
flexibility including airborne deployment. During live flight exercises,
our NIB
have delivered robust high-speed LTE communications
connectivity to the targeted ground based forces. We look forward to
sharing the positive results of these trails with interested attendees
during the SOF Industry Conference,” said Timothy Smith – Vice President
of Business Development, Tecore Networks.

Tecore’s iCore
platform provides comprehensive communications capabilities that
cover the full scope of deployment requirements. Whether airborne, land
based, or at sea, the iCore NIB delivers consistent robust broadband
connectivity. With additional capacity to integrate mission specific
applications and custom security enclaves, the platform delivers the
requisite functionality with the designated security level and
encryption. For larger mission sets, the iCore NIB’s mesh capability
allows multiple deployed assets to communicate between locations
providing a dynamic footprint of coverage and capability that adapts as
required for the Area of Operation (AO).

Tecore Executives will be available at SOFIC Booth No. 1513. Attendees
are encouraged to pre-schedule on-site meetings and can find additional
information regarding the conference and Tecore’s tactical solutions by

About Tecore Networks

Since 1991, Tecore Networks has been a global supplier of 2G, 3G, 4G and
5G-ready wireless network infrastructure. Today, Tecore delivers
innovative and game-changing products as one of the largest
manufacturers of government and public safety deployable wireless
solutions. These robust hardware and software platforms have integrated
into numerous critical government environments and communications
systems creating secure mobile networks. Tecore Networks is ISO 9001
certified. For more information, visit

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