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Sprinklr Announces New Core Platform Functionality: Live Slide™ Technology Enables the Rapid Creation of Beautiful Presentations which Feature Real-Time Data

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the world’s first Unified Front Office Platform for Modern Channels,
today announced Sprinklr
, a new function of the Core Platform, and available
across all 5 Sprinklr products — Modern Marketing; Modern Advertising;
Modern Research; Modern Care; and Modern Engagement. Sprinklr
Presentations enables brands to present real-time social and business
data in beautiful, engaging slide decks with unimaginable convenience.

The Challenge: 20th century techniques for 21st century needs

21st century modern channel data is dynamic and rapidly changing —
crises can emerge in minutes and business results can change overnight.
However, organizations create presentations of this information in a
traditional cut and paste way, laboriously pulling social and business
data from various dashboards and pasting them into slides. Employees
hate it as they waste their weekends in assembly, and management is
disappointed as the data is out of date by the time they see it.
Literally, nobody is happy.

The Solution: 21st century Live Slide Technology

Sprinklr Presentations uses Live Slide™ technology to enable teams
across the organization to collaborate build beautiful presentations
with live, real-time social and business data using a simple drag and
drop interface. Data is transformed into compelling presentations in
minutes, customized to match the look and feel of any brand, updated
automatically, and delivered to stakeholders in a PDF or a URL on any

“At Sprinklr, we are passionate about helping brands manage their entire
front office – every customer-facing function including marketing,
advertising, PR, and customer care,” says Pavitar Singh, CTO, Sprinklr.
“We built Presentations to dramatically speed up the process of building
slide decks and provide a better way to work with live data.”


is the world’s first Unified Front Office Platform for Modern Channels.
Its mission is to enable every organization on the planet to make their
customers happier. Sprinklr has offices in 15 countries and works with
more than 1,000 global enterprises, including: Allstate,
& Gamble
, Samsung,
and Verizon.