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SetSchedule on Track to Close $1 Billion in Real Estate Transactions in Q1

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SetSchedule is proud to report that they are currently on track to close $1 billion in real estate transactions by Q1 2020. SetSchedule offers a patented lead marketplace in which real estate agents can acquire leads on demand from multiple vendors and service them utilizing an easy to use suite of SaaS solutions. To date, agents partnered with SetSchedule have been connected with and closed close to $1 billion in transactions and projections show they should meet and exceed that $1 billion threshold in March of 2020.

“We identified a few key benchmarks to measure our progress when we started SetSchedule back in 2014,” says Roy Dekel, co-founder and CEO of SetSchedule. “The most significant of these indicators were a thousand transactions closing with our leads in a month and the second was closing $1 billion worth of transactions. The fact that we are crushing both of these goals and it’s only the first quarter of 2020 is thrilling. In terms of growth, the sky’s the limit for SetSchedule in 2020 and beyond!”

Since its inception in 2014, SetSchedule has revolutionized the way real estate agents connect with homeowners and home shoppers by combining real estate know-how and technological expertise. SetSchedule has cultivated a thorough ecosystem that leverages AI-powered predictive data, trend insights and automated marketing software tools and machine learning to deliver better business efficiency to real estate agents, teams and brokers. SetSchedule will be further expanding their ecosystem with a new product that will be rolled out this summer which unites real estate agents and ancillary professionals. The expressed goal is for everyone who benefits from or contributes to a real estate transaction to benefit from a partnership with SetSchedule.

In addition, SetSchedule now offers SetAds, a marketing platform for industry verticals which allows them to broadcast directly to SetSchedule’s nationwide network of real estate agents and boost their brand awareness. Tailor-made ads allow businesses to control how their brand is seen while customized landing pages provide detailed analytics to discover and interpret meaningful patterns in consumer data. Learn more about SetSchedule at and learn more about SetAds at