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QuickBooks Online Advanced Continues Innovating for High-Growth Mid-Market Businesses with AI-Enabled Capabilities

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Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq:INTU) today announced five new capabilities to QuickBooks Online Advanced, Intuit’s cloud-based offering specifically designed for high-growth, mid-market small businesses that leverages AI, automation and data insights to deliver more ways for them to grow and scale. Intuit unveiled the new QuickBooks Online Advanced capabilities at Dreamforce 2019 this month in San Francisco.

“Intuit introduced QuickBooks Online Advanced last year to disrupt and transform the small business mid-market by providing innovative tools that solve the problems faced by businesses as they grow and go up-market,” said Kelly Vincent, Vice President, Mid-Market, Intuit QuickBooks. “The momentum we have seen since launching QuickBooks Online Advanced proves the unmet market need that QuickBooks Online Advanced solves: providing mid-market businesses with a comprehensive, affordable, online solution that includes robust reporting, faster invoicing and dedicated support. We are excited to unveil five new capabilities within the product that are delivering additional reporting and workflow management, customization properties and new integrations with leading tech partners.”

Five New Capabilities Available Today in QuickBooks Online Advanced

Intuit is committed to delivering an online accounting solution that helps mid-market small businesses be more productive, collaborate and grow as they scale rapidly. QuickBooks Online Advanced supports these types of businesses with several capabilities already in place, including all the capabilities within QuickBooks Online Plus as well as smart reporting powered by Fathom, accelerated invoicing, custom user permissions and membership in Priority Circle, a premier priority care and training program. The new capabilities launched today further meet the unique needs of these high-growth businesses by delivering even deeper insights through added reporting and business management tools as well as identifying potential cash flow issues through the display of sales patterns and seasonality trends. The five new capabilities introduced to QuickBooks Online Advanced are:

  • Revenue Streams Dashboard Card – A new revenue streams report allows businesses to know what is contributing to topline revenue numbers. The dashboard displays both revenue streams as well as trendlines, so that businesses can better identify seasonality trends and patterns in sales. This is also available from the QuickBooks Online mobile app so businesses can stay informed on the go.
  • Workflow Management – Manual workflows are often difficult for small businesses to manage and scale. The new Workflows tool leverages automation to allow business owners to take the work out of workflow management, allowing them to configure reminders, approvals and triggers based on a small businesses’ own defined rules. Workflow automation within QuickBooks Online Advanced includes the ability to automatically send invoices and past due reminders and easily track when invoices have been paid.
  • Batch Invoices and Expenses – Mid-market small businesses can save time and effort by batching multiple invoices, expenses and checks at once and fast tracking transactions by duplicating them for multiple customers. This allows businesses to create invoices faster, ensuring they can manage expenses and payments more efficiently.
  • Custom Fields – QuickBooks Online Advanced now includes custom fields, which allows businesses to create more detailed reports with multiple field types, with up to 10 custom fields available so that businesses can better search, sort and filter the data they need, faster.
  • Third-Party Integrations – In addition to the new features and tools added to QuickBooks Online Advanced, Intuit continues to add third-party integrations from the companies that small businesses use most. From spreadsheet programs to customer relationship management, QuickBooks Online Advanced integrates with more than 700 third-party apps to help businesses grow.

In addition, Intuit recently announced the acquisition of ChronoBooks, a cloud-based solution that accountants and businesses rely on to view and restore historical QuickBooks Online activity. In the near future, each QuickBooks Online Advanced subscription will include ChronoBooks at no additional charge.

To see a demo of QuickBooks Online Advanced and learn more about the new capabilities and how QuickBooks is delivering innovation for mid-market small businesses, visit us at the SMB Lodge at Dreamforce located in the Marriott Marquis.

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