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Quantzig Expands its Merchandising Analytics Capabilities Through the Launch of Powerful Data Analytics and AI Driven Solutions for Retail

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems announces the launch of a comprehensive portfolio of data analytics and artificial intelligence driven solutions for the retail industry. Through its advanced portfolio of retail analytics offerings, Quantzig aims to help retailers drive transformation efforts amidst the ongoing losses faced by them.

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Data Analytics and AI in Retail: Business Benefits (Graphic: Business Wire)

Data Analytics and AI in Retail: Business Benefits (Graphic: Business Wire)

Speak to an expert to figure out how data analytics and AI is helping businesses create a 360˚ customer profile to generate relevant insights and personalize offerings based on their interests.

To drive positive outcomes from their digital transformation efforts, retailers today must do more than simply store data sets. Data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities can equip retailers with the ability to ingest large volumes of data in various formats across locations, learn from patterns, and respond in real-time. Apart from such benefits, predictive analytics in retail can empower retailers to forecast footfall and calculate outcomes for events such as product sales or store renovations. Analyzing such factors can help retailers to stay prepared and respond to customers proactively. Thus, data analytics and AI offer enormous potential for retailers to deliver compelling customer experience, drive cost efficiencies, and improve overall outcomes.

Quantzig, through its advanced portfolio of solutions that leverage big data and artificial intelligence, aims to help retailers tackle the dwindling profit margins and drive outcomes with AI-based insights.

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In our experience with providing customized data analytics solutions to leading retailers from across geographies, we witnessed a common trend which suggested that the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) together with machine learning techniques can result in about 6%-7% increase in sales and 8%-9% increase in marketing effectiveness.

Quantzig’s comprehensive suite of Retail Analytics solutions provides an edge by empowering retailers with:

  1. Industry-specific solutions that offer actionable insights into merchandising operations

    With the data generated at every retail touchpoint, there is a dire need for retailers to leverage predictive merchandising analytics and targeted solutions to make the most out of it. Quantzig’s data analytics and AI-based merchandising analytics solutions help retailers eliminate data silos by offering actionable insights that empower them to make smarter business decisions. Request a FREE proof of concept to learn more about our merchandising analytics capabilities.

  2. New retail merchandising strategies to build an analytics-driven retail enterprise

    Today retailers struggle when it comes to analyzing their operations, mainly due to the siloed data management systems, obsolete analytics tools, and the poor quality of data being collected. We understand the importance of analyzing datasets, which is why we’ve developed a holistic portfolio of retail analytics solutions to help companies gain deeper insights into the market scenario by replacing the inefficient tools with more agile and cohesive data management systems. Gain limited-time complimentary access to our analytics platform.

  3. Sophisticated merchandise planning and reporting systems tailored to meet unique category requirements

    The dire need to extract maximum insights from data sets has put immense pressure on retailers to invest in the right tools and collaborate with the right analytics companies. Our experience in working with the world’s leading retail brands has helped us develop advanced data analytics and AI-based merchandise planning and reporting solutions to help retailers gain a better understanding of the business functions. Our analysts can help you find the right use case for retail analytics, Request a FREE proposal for personalized recommendations and insights.

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