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PSI Makes Strategic Investment in Silicon Valley-Based Akava

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Proteam Solutions Inc. (PSI), a leading IT consulting, IT staffing and
business process outsourcing firm based in Columbus, has made a
strategic investment in San Francisco-based consultancy and talent
studio Akava, establishing a Silicon Valley innovation hub to deliver
robust new solutions to clients.

PSI clients will have direct access to the talent and resources of the
Bay Area, including Akava’s best-in-class partnership engagement models
and practice areas. Akava has partnered with world-class companies
including Disney, Oracle, T-Mobile and Uber.

“We are thrilled with the value that Akava provides us, as a
relentlessly innovative organization and a pioneer in the digital
consultancy space,” said PSI founder and CEO Keith Stevens, who is a
co-founder and board member of Akava. “The big value proposition for our
clients is the real-time access to Akava’s thought leadership and suite
of services.”

With the companies’ strategic partnership, PSI and Akava are on the
forefront of an industry-wide emphasis on democratized software code and
remote development for agile project scaling.

“This is a natural fit, with PSI tapping the resources and innovation in
Silicon Valley and Akava gaining deep market insights from an emerging
tech hub in the Midwest,” said Brandon Durbin, founder and CEO of Akava.
“One of our primary objectives is to infuse Silicon Valley toolchains,
technologies and mentalities to add velocity to the already
forward-thinking Midwest marketplace.” Durbin continues, “We are looking
forward to nimbly serving clients with the services that are most
appropriate for their unique needs.”

PSI specializes in three primary services. Through IT consulting, PSI
ensures clients’ technology investment strategy is sound and aligned
with their business goals. By leveraging a scalable model for resource
deployment, PSI’s IT staffing function helps clients find the right
talent to keep pace with their technology needs. With Business Process
Outsourcing, PSI uses award winning solutions to help clients achieve
greater workforce control and improve performance.

Akava is a software development studio delivering digital native cloud,
web and mobile products that massively scale. Akava helps clients
ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies ideate, architect, design
and build bespoke solutions leveraging modern open-source tools and
technologies. The company’s partnership engagement models include
technology consulting, agile project scaling and Recruiting-as-a-Service
(RaaS). Practice areas include software engineering, end-to-end product
development, containerization, microservices, CI/CD pipelining,
everything-as-code and infrastructure modernization.

Akava recently worked with Disney to build a custom end-to-end
collaboration platform for the Imagineering team, with a Rails back-end
and React front-end. In another project for Uber, Akava designed,
architected and developed an “Instagram-for-Uber” app using a JS stack
for the innovation team, helping reduce dependency for stock photo
imaging services.

About PSI:

PSI is a business technology solutions firm located in Columbus, Ohio.
Specializing in technology consulting, staffing and business process
outsourcing, PSI delivers innovative solutions that address current
business challenges, achieve organizational goals and maximize
technology investments. PSI is passionate about connecting people,
process and technology to accelerate the success of our employees,
clients and community.

About Akava:

Akava is a software development studio based in San Francisco delivering
delightful digital-native cloud, web and mobile products that massively
scale. Akava helps Fortune 500 and startups ideate, architect, design
and build bespoke solutions leveraging modern open-source tools,
technologies and platforms. The team is comprised of product-oriented
software polyglots, design savants and experience architects who are
passionate about providing a white-glove customer experience.