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Prometheum Taps Brand Guru Kirti Naik as Marketing Chief, Marching Onward to an SEC-compliant Cryptosecurity Ecosystem

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Prometheum (, the SEC and FINRA regulated blockchain financial platform for creating and publicly trading cryptosecurities, announces today that marketing leader Kirti Naik will be joining its team as Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to joining Prometheum’s team, Kirti led global brand marketing at Russell Investments’, OppenheimerFunds, and Citibank.

Kirti brings 20 years of experience in marketing across various industries, including consumer banking, entertainment, manufacturing, luxury apparel, and asset management, to Prometheum’s ranks. Kirti aims to channel that experience into energizing Prometheum’s charge to securitize tokens and educate investors on the opportunities accessible in the blockchain world.

Prior to joining Prometheum, Kirti led global brand marketing at Russell Investments’, where she transformed the 80-year-old giant into a modern, digital, and viable brand. She was solely responsible for leading and driving the development of the firm’s brand position “EMBRACE THE POSSIBLETM”, establishing a research and insights discipline and launching client-facing platforms across the retail and institutional markets. Kirti has also served as global head of brand & advertising at OppenheimerFunds for seven years (now Invesco), transforming the brand by increasing the overall value via brand equity and leading marketing innovation. Prior, at Citibank, she launched new communication platforms and steered the company’s online communications strategy.

Prometheum’s trading platform will allow anyone to trade Smart Security Token(s) on a secondary market. Its proprietary blockchain-powered network streamlines the trading process by servicing the entire cryptosecurity lifecycle, allowing companies to issue tokens and users to invest and trade those tokens, while also processing them on the back-end. Issuance, trading, clearing, settlement, and custody on the blockchain are all included in Prometheum’s ecosystem.

Prometheum is the first to publicly file a Regulation A+ cryptosecurity offering with the SEC for qualification of its own Ember Smart Security Token, in which it aims to raise $50 million for its Ember warrants. Prometheum’s Reg A+ qualification model will allow it to legally offer cryptosecurities for anyone to trade on its end-to-end platform, opening the cryptosecurities trading space to the general public for the first time.

“Prometheum brings the promise of blockchain to life while protecting every investor,” says Kirti. “I’m excited to be at the forefront of how we evolve the crypto security domain through education and marketing.”

“Kirti has a track record of bringing major companies to the forefront through successful marketing efforts, especially in the financial sector,” says Prometheum CEO Aaron Kaplan. “Her presence on the team will promote Prometheum’s brand, which will allow us to offer every kind of investor a secure platform to trade and invest in cryptosecurities.”

About Prometheum:

Founded in 2017 by a group of Wall Street lawyers, Prometheum is an innovative blockchain company engaged in building the first compliant end-to-end ecosystem for cryptosecurities. Smart security tokens are born and traded on the network, where the Prometheum blockchain tracks transactions for secure clearing and settlement within 24 hours.