Press release

Ourchem Selects IFI to Improve Patent Data Quality for Their Big Data Platforms

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CLAIMS Patent Services
, provider of a leading global patent data
platform, today announces that Guangzhou
Ourchem Information Consulting
Co. has selected IFI’s CLAIMS Direct
to power their intellectual property big data center.

“IFI offers high-quality patent data processing and services
capabilities. The global information loaded into the Ourchem Big Data
Center will be more reliable and available faster to our local Chinese
customers,” said Ms. Chi Zhang, Chairman of Ourchem. CLAIMS Direct will
support the optimization of Ourchem products PATYEE,
Patent 365, and a local special database. Additionally, it will support
the development and project implementation of Ourchem’s other big data

Mike Baycroft, CEO of IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, commented, “We are
excited to partner with Ourchem to improve the availability and quality
of patent data available in China. With China’s rapidly growing
intellectual property prowess, accurate data is necessary to arrive at
the best rights protection strategies.”

About Guangzhou Ourchem Information Consulting Co.

Ourchem was established in 2000 and provides information and
intelligence solutions to the intellectual property service industry.
The company’s mission is to empower science and technology innovation
with comprehensive IP strategies. Ourchem’s headquarters are located in
Guangzhou, China.

About IFI CLAIMS Patent Services

IFI uses a proprietary data architecture which standardizes and provides
quality checks for patent data from 90+ countries before it enters the
CLAIMS Direct database. One of the oldest and most trusted patent
information companies, IFI was established in 1955 and acquired by
Fairview Research in 2010. The headquarters office is in New Haven, CT,
and a satellite office is located in Barcelona, Spain.