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Order Management Analytics Helped an Industrial Cleaning Goods Provider to Enhance Customer Satisfaction | Quantzig’s New Success Story

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of their latest order management analytics engagement for an industrial cleaning goods provider. The ever-growing need to improve customer satisfaction has prompted leading businesses to leverage order management analytics.

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Order Management Engagement (Graphic: Business Wire)

Order Management Engagement (Graphic: Business Wire)

Order management analytics deliver deep customer insights that empowers businesses to make better decisions in every stage of the business. By leveraging actionable insights companies can easily enhance their existing order management process to improve profit margins and customer satisfaction.

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The Business Problem

Improving customer satisfaction by efficient order management. An Asian industrial cleaning products manufacturer wanted to improve its order management process, to reduce stock outs and improve customer satisfaction. The client did not have a proper order management process in place. Consequently, the client was facing issues such as stock outs, large unused and out of date inventory, delayed shipments, and could not fulfil many orders on time, resulting in low customer satisfaction.

“In the era of digital business, the order management process is filled with data. From sales fulfillment to manufacturing processes, the entire cycle creates data signals across every phase to report on quantities, shipping dates, and procurement spans,” says an order management analytics expert from Quantzig.

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Our Approach

We used order management analytics on inventory data to cluster products based on sales, stock levels and lead times, at an individual distributor and retailer level, and map inventory data to sales forecasts and sales cycles. Based on this information, we built an order management model. The cleaning products manufacturer used our insights to predict and maintain appropriate inventory levels at distributor and retailer levels, to ensure availability of its products at all times. This helped the client in eventually improving the customer satisfaction levels and improving profits.

Quantzig’s clickstream analytics solutions helped the client to:

● Improve ad customer satisfaction

● Built an order management tool

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