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Online Learning Platform Eurekly Experiences Surge as COVID-19 Pandemic Spreads

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As the COVID-19 pandemic forces schools to close and people to self-quarantine at home, the demand for online learning continues to climb exponentially. Eurekly, founded in New Zealand and launched in the U.S. last month, is in a unique position to support parents, students, teachers, tutors and all learners. Its online learning platform has experienced a surge in site sessions and sign-ups as teachers and learners seek online solutions to remain engaged during the pandemic.

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Eurekly session usage by country (Graphic: Eurekly)

Eurekly session usage by country (Graphic: Eurekly)

According to U.S. Census data, there are an estimated 76 million students in the United States, from grades K-12 to college, representing roughly 23% of the United States’ population. As approximately a quarter of the U.S. population seeks access to quality learning resources and instruction online, Eurekly has seen a marked increase in overall sessions, with an overwhelming number of new users coming from the U.S.

Eurekly has experienced 19,324 online sessions over the past month, a 12% increase compared to the previous month, with 30% of sessions occurring in the past 7 days. Student sign-ups are up 44% and tutor sign-ups are up 57% compared to the previous month. The platform now has over 8,500 users (students + tutors) from 25 countries.

The company expects this trend will continue as parents face a myriad of challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and consider available online solutions for their children’s continued education. Many are seeking tutors to provide quality live one-on-one tutoring instruction for their children. Teachers and school administrators are using Eurekly to organize online group classroom lessons for students in their schools, ensuring that the educational process continues uninterrupted. Some teachers are choosing to use Eurekly as a platform for tutoring online, thereby creating a secondary income stream in the gig economy. Eurekly represents a critical financial resource for those who may have lost their jobs as schools shut down and the global economy contracts.

Eurekly’s Founder and CEO, Austen Clarke, said “people are attracted to Eurekly for a combination of reasons. First, we have dedicated and customized live private tutoring options for all our users. Secondly, our platform functions like an online social network, so the learning community is more engaged with each other, improving learning outcomes. Thirdly, our tutors are extremely passionate about their subject areas of expertise, and excited to share their knowledge with students.”

Eurekly is working closely with schools and communities to support remote and distance learning for students. “At a worrying time for people, we understand the desire for parents and teachers to ensure uninterrupted learning. Eurekly is a simple and engaging online tool to help families, students and teachers bring the world of learning into the home,” said Clarke.

About Eurekly

Eurekly, a global learning platform, is a fusion of community and marketplace, connecting tutors and students to deliver an optimal learning environment that allows users to engage, socialize and learn from one another. Democratizing knowledge across geographic and economic barriers, Eurekly transfers knowledge from where it resides to where it is needed through Online Courses, Online Lessons and Learning Resources.