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Ntooitive Expands Connected TV Platform

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Ntooitive, the
end-to-end digital technology partner marketing leaders trust to deliver
campaign efficiency, speed and effectiveness, today officially announced
an expansion of its existing connected TV (CTV) platform through an
integration with global advertising technology leader The
Trade Desk
. The partnership offers advertisers and publishers a
marketplace of cost-effective premium CTV inventory, real-time
performance monitoring, and transparent reporting all within Ntooitive’s
powerful N2TV platform.

“Our partnership with Ntooitive allows even more advertisers to extend
traditional TV buys into the digital space,” said Brian Stempeck, chief
strategy officer for The Trade Desk. “By building its technology on top
of The Trade Desk’s APIs, Ntooitive’s N2TV offering provides a powerful
solution for their clients. We’re excited to partner with Ntooitive to
drive innovation in Connected TV.”

As an early adopter in CTV ad technology, Ntooitive is well positioned
to capitalize on the growing number of consumers who have cut the cord
in favor of streaming services and push the boundaries for what is
possible with programmatic advertising.

“CTV has a wide range of benefits as part of a cross-medium marketing
strategy focused on video distribution and reach,” said Ryan
Christiansen, co-founder and CEO of Ntooitive. “To help publishers and
advertisers maximize their marketing spend, N2TV pairs cross-device
attribution with over-the-top impressions to verify and track
online-to-offline conversions.”

Vikas Khorana, co-founder and chief technology officer of Ntooitive,
added, “The Trade Desk makes it easy for us to plan, forecast and buy
digital media more effectively than ever before. That translates into a
highly differentiated level of service for our clients, allowing them to
make smarter revenue growth strategies faster.”

Ntooitive’s N2TV and multichannel capabilities are now available to all
clients. Ntooitive provides access to connected TV inventory through The
Trade Desk and other video partners.


Ntooitive is a digital advertising and technology company whose mission
is to help publishers, marketers, and agencies grow revenue by creating
efficiency, speed and effectiveness through the application of
innovative data-driven solutions. Through its platform, Ntooitive
enables organizations to make business decisions that can greatly
minimize lost revenue due to missed optimization opportunities. Clients
can efficiently monitor organization-wide profitability and performance,
allowing them to make smarter revenue growth strategies faster.
Headquartered in Las Vegas, Ntooitive also has offices in Los Angeles,
Denver, St. Louis, and key locations overseas. For more information,
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