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Northgate Markets Reduces Backup and Recovery Costs by 60 Percent With Druva

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, the leader in cloud data protection and management, today
announced that Northgate
, a network of 40 retail outlets, has selected Druva to
protect its business-critical financial and retail data, enabling the
company to realize cost savings of 60 percent over its hardware-based
solution. Druva’s ability to offer instant storage scalability, service
reliability for compliance and provide high performance recovery – all
through a cloud-based platform – ensures Northgate Markets can properly
manage and protect existing and future workloads without the need for
expensive and ineffective appliance-based solutions.

As a regional, family-owned organization of more than 7,000 employees,
Northgate Markets provides customers with everything from groceries and
prepared food to financial services. Given this range of offerings, the
retailer must ensure compliance with a variety of international
regulations. Recognizing that a cloud-first backup and recovery solution
could improve visibility and control, bring a greater ability to meet
necessary regulations and dramatically lower costs, Northgate Markets
turned to Druva. Only Druva’s SaaS-based data management technology was
able to offer the organization a single solution for retaining and
managing sensitive data, which includes 450 virtual machines across two
data centers, while meeting data recovery SLAs and international

“In looking for a new solution, we wanted a cost-efficient data solution
delivered as-a-service where we wouldn’t have to manage hardware, but
most solutions were a step backward and retrofitted to appear to work
for the cloud,” said Harrison Lewis, CIO, Northgate Markets. “Druva’s
technology is different. It just works like magic, the IT team loves it,
and I can’t imagine any other way to protect our data.”

After deploying Druva Phoenix, a data protection and management solution
designed for enterprise workloads, Northgate Markets experienced a 70
percent data storage reduction using Druva’s patented global
deduplication approach. This reduction greatly minimized bandwidth
needs, and in turn helped the organization easily meet its recovery
point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) goal of
minutes. The organization was also able to eliminate complex management
overhead, legacy solutions, and the need for a multi-vendor approach.

“The beauty of the cloud is in its ability to free organizations and
their IT teams to focus on high priority items that move the business
forward, and no longer require individuals to be experts in everything,”
said Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO, Druva. “With features like
advanced governance capabilities, global deduplication and direct to
cloud disaster recovery, Northgate Markets no longer needs multiple
vendors to solve its data protection challenges. Instead, the IT team is
now able to focus on delivering the best experience to their customers.”

Druva Phoenix is available as part of the Druva Cloud Platform, which
provides a single pane view for data management and protection across
cloud and on-premises data sources — improving data resiliency,
visibility and alignment to data governance needs. By providing a common
services layer, the Druva Cloud Platform unifies Druva Phoenix, Druva
CloudRanger, and Druva inSync so organizations can consistently apply
data policies, monitor their data at the global level, recover from site
disasters and data loss and better manage the data lifecycle across
environments. The platform readily scales to accommodate petabytes of
data due to its AWS native architecture and enables customers to take
control of their most critical data stored across end-point devices, in
the data center, and with SaaS services.

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